China's fresh pear sales enter the peak season, and the price of Huangguan pears is increasing

18 Oct.,2022


Snow Pear

Recently, China's fresh pear sales have entered the peak season. The price has risen sharply since the Spring Festival. Huangguan pears lead the fresh pear market due to their taste, appearance, quality and good storage resistance, long shelf life, and other advantages. The price of Huangguan pears increased by 20% in March compared with February.

At present, the price of Huangguan pears is extraordinary among many other fresh pears. During the Spring Festival, the price of the ordinary brand Huangguan pear 48# with a net weight of 13 kg/box is 58-59 yuan at the production area, while the current warehouse price is 72-73 yuan, an increase of about 20%. The warehouse price of Huangguan pears with high-end brands is 65 yuan/box during the Spring Festival, and the current warehouse price is 80 yuan/box, an increase of 23%. The price of the other varieties has risen to different degrees, with Ya pears and Snow pears rising by about 10%.

There are several reasons for the increase in the price of Huangguan pears:

First, the total supply is small. Affected by the low prices at the end of the previous production season, the dealers are cautious about buying this season. The purchase volume of early Huangguan pears was small. Doe to the climate impacts, the harvest of fresh pears was delayed and the size was small. The total amount of pears entered into the storage was not large.

Second, the excess inventory is small. The proportion of the volume of middle and late Huangguan pears is large, and they are not resistant to storage and the price is low. So the sales of these pears were fast and the inventory was digested quickly.

Third, the demand for fresh pears is strong. At present, sugar mandarin is getting off the market, while the greenhouse fruits have not yet been listed in large quantities. The fruit supply has entered the off-season, but fresh pear consumption has entered the peak season.

Fourth, the outbreak of COVID has promoted the sale of fresh pears.
Pears are believed to be able to moisturize the lungs and relieve coughs. They contain a lot of vitamin C, which is believed to be helpful in protecting people from the virus, especially in areas with high risks of infection. In addition, the harvest of the pears was late this season, and they are sweet and tasty. The consumption demand for fresh pears is strong.

Source: China Fruit Circulation Association