Who put flags in my yard, and why are they there?

22 Sep.,2022


irrigation flags

As we’ve frequently shared, the law requires you to contact 811 at least two days before you do any digging on your property. When you do that, local utilities, including us, will have underground utilities marked with small colored flags or paint, letting you know what areas to avoid to save you a possible costly repair or serious injury. No matter how large or small your project, contacting 811 to have your underground utilities marked is the law. It’s easy to submit a locate request: just press 8-1-1 on your phone. 

There may be other times when an individual utility may mark your yard – even if you have not submitted a locate request – due to a project it is undertaking. If you see flags or colored paint on your property and are not sure who requested the markings or why they are there, you can call 811 to find out who submitted the request and what is scheduled or planned in your area. Just press 8-1-1 and follow the instructions. 

Visit lge-ku.com/safety/digging to learn more.