Wood Stakes vs. Bamboo Stakes for Tomatoes

23 Nov.,2022


Agriculture Seedling Tray Manufacturer

Wood tomato stakes tend to be most readily available in 4- to 8-foot lengths, with a 1-inch-square thickness. To stake vigorous, tall-growing tomato varieties, some gardeners prefer stakes an inch thick and 2 inches wide. To support heavy plants, a pair of stakes may be joined by nailing a 12- to 24-inch wood crosspiece at mid-height. Stakes are then sunk so that the plant stands between them. Alternatively, 2-by-2-inch wood stakes can also be used for twine trellising, tied to nails driven into the wood. Bamboo stakes are commonly available at heights ranging from 3 to 12 feet tall. Stakes of 8 feet or more usually have a 1-inch diameter. For plants requiring lots of support, a crosspiece can be tightly tied between two tall stakes, using twine or wire. Nails or screws may split bamboo stakes.