27 Different Ways to Wear Spoonflower Fabrics

07 Feb.,2023


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Ace (she/they)

Sewing Team Zone Lead

Pattern: Nolan from Seamwork

Fabric choice: I chose to use our Lightweight Cotton Twill because it met all of my needs for making cute, comfortable workwear. It is thick and durable enough to be practical for building and woodworking, and stretchy enough that it is comfortable to climb ladders and get in tight spaces. It is a breathable cotton and washes well. The yardage itself is also pretty wide, so there was plenty of room to lay out my pants on grain (I have a long waist and long legs). This twill is also very forgiving to sew; it does not retain punch holes, thank goodness.

Design choice: When I decided I wanted to make workwear, I was inspired to choose a surface design that was as practical as the garment design. I looked up “ruler grid” on the Spoonflower Marketplace hoping to find something resembling a cutting mat, and I found Quarter Inch, Inch, Foot by keweenawchris and I really liked these colors. The design measurements are exactly true on the final product. This will help me measure something in a pinch, but the design in garment form shouts “I make things!” more than doing anything else. My identity is tied to being a maker, so I can say the design really expresses that part of who I am.

What she changed: I hacked Seamwork’s Nolan pants pattern to make them into workwear overalls! I also added a hammer loop, an attached belt onto which I can clip things, and detachable pouches I can clip onto that belt to hold screws and such. I always felt like my framer’s tool belt was overkill for a lot of my home improvement projects, so this workwear hack was a sleek solution. I also genuinely like the Nolan pant pattern. I dreaded doing a full belly adjustment and leg extension to match my body, but the instructions made it easy.

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