How To Prevent Static Electricity When Wearing Sweaters In Winter?

02 Nov.,2021

Usually pay attention to frequent bathing to reduce the friction of the body clothes to avoid static electricity leading to itchy skin.


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Usually pay attention to frequent bathing to reduce the friction of the body clothes to avoid static electricity leading to itchy skin. Usually must remember these solutions to static electricity, if you are worried about the appearance of static electricity, you can also apply moisturizing cream on the skin, which can reduce the friction with sweaters, do not worry about the appearance of static electricity.


1. Wet towel wipe

Take a dry contention of the towel, soaking wet after the sweater wipe again so that you can go to the sweater static electricity. Dry sweaters are prone to friction and static electricity when wetted to reduce friction and prevent the generation of static electricity.


2. Spray water mist on clothes

Prepare a small spray bottle, add the right amount of warm water to it, then spray in the place of static electricity in the clothes, so that the clothes can slowly disappear. Or before not wearing clothes, first to the clothes sprayed with the right amount of water, dry for a while, and then wear, you can also avoid the clothes generating static electricity.


3.Apply moisturizer

When the weather is dry, our body skin will also become dry, dry skin will appear peeling, in wearing clothes is also easy to cause static electricity. Therefore, in order to avoid static electricity, it is recommended that before wearing clothes, first of all for the body's skin applied moisturizer, so that not only for the body's skin hydration, but also to reduce the possibility of static electricity.


4. Use clothing softener

When washing sweaters, add the right amount of clothing softener in the water, so that the fibers inside the sweater become softer, reduce the friction generated by static electricity, wear when you do not have to worry about being "electric" to.


5. Sweater storage

In the storage of sweaters, you can clip in between the sweaters into the newspaper, which not only can prevent the sweater friction generated static electricity, but also has the role of insect control.

Of course, you can also put the sweater and T-shirt together, so it will not generate static electricity.


6. Using metal objects

Use a metal object to sweep off the clothes after finding a relative's frame, sweeping back and forth on it. This can take away the static electricity, before wearing clothes quickly pat the clothes, especially silk clothes, with this method works very well. You can also use the positive side of the battery cell directly on the clothes to rub back and forth a few times, which can help take away static electricity. You can also carry with you some small metal pendants, in fact, the keychain can also help remove them. Before taking off your clothes should wash your hands first, then take off your clothes, to reduce the appearance of static electricity, in the process of washing your hands and face, in fact, the skin surface will also have some static electricity in the process of washing your face can be released.


Final thoughts

Sprinkle some water on the clothes prone to static electricity, pay attention to the humidity of their living environment, dry environment, between the objects are very easy to have static electricity, we must learn these solutions. After the jacket is taken off, it should be hung on a metal hook, which can also help eliminate static electricity. We are a sweater supplier, please contact us if you need them.