Why You Should Switch to Galvanized Brake Pads for Your Lucid Cars

07 Mar.,2023


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Lucid vehicles are quickly becoming one of the most popular electric vehicle options on the market. Their cars’ performance capabilities and aesthetic design are putting them on equal pace with the EV giant, Tesla. Your Lucid vehicle is built for tremendous speed, supercar-like handling, and powerful stopping.

Lucid vehicles are becoming synonymous with top-performing EV cars. But having a top-performing EV car also requires having top-performing brakes.

More and more Lucid car owners are switching to galvanized brake pads. In this article, we’ll be doing a deep dive into why that is.

Unmatched Durability and Strength

Whereas traditional brake pads are made of organic or ceramic materials, galvanized brake pads are composed of galvanized steel. Paired with premium friction materials, this quality steel construction makes galvanized brake pads the longest lasting brake pads on the market today!

The galvanized steel ensures that your brake pads will never rust, corrode, or delaminate. As the leading galvanized brake pads manufacturer, we outfit every NRS brake pad with a special attachment technology. With our patented mechanically fused backing plate, the quality, strength, and durability of the pad are completely optimized.

Incredible Versatility

Galvanized brake pads are built for any kind of driving, in any kind of environment. As NRS Brakes use premium friction materials, matched with an indestructible backing plate bond, they are the ideal choice for Lucid car owners.

As the proud owner of a vehicle that can do it all, you know the importance of having a versatile brake pad. The good news is that galvanized brake pads perform across all driving environments. Rain or shine, highway driving or city traffic: NRS Galvanized Brake Pads have you covered.

Silent Braking

Sounds of squealing and screeching don’t fit Lucid’s luxury driving performance, which is why traditional brake pads aren’t ideal for Lucid cars. The last thing you want to deal with as a vehicle owner is noisy brakes.

NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are built with a specially designed Piston Cushion Insert capable of reducing braking noises by up to 90%. This key piece of technology absorbs vibrations in the braking system, providing for superior noise abatement.

The Piston Cushion Insert also acts as a further layer of protection for your brakes. It provides a heat shield for the brake pad, rotor, and caliper. This not only improves sound mitigation, but also enhances the strength and durability of your Lucid Brake Pads.

What are the Best Brake Pads for Lucid Cars?

The best brake pads for Lucid cars are NRS Galvanized Steel Brake Pads. Performance vehicles like those from Lucid, are built for speed, longevity, and comfort. Traditional brake pads will work for a short period of time. However, to really get the most out of your Lucid car, you’ll want to outfit your vehicle with brake pads that were made with your specific car in mind.

NRS Brake Pads have the durability, strength, and sound performance to match any Lucid car. If you’re ready to supply your car with the best brake pads on the market, be sure to check out NRS Brake Pads today!

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