LiDAR Data Processing Services — BPS Mapping

10 Nov.,2022


LiDAR Mapping Services

We have successfully executed a large number of projects involving processing of LiDAR data in the following areas:

  • Transmission and distribution corridors

    • Vegetation grade or full engineering feature code lists. String the catenaries to get attachment points for PLS-CADD model building.

    • Deliver as LAS or ASCII with DXF or as a PLS-CADD .bak file

  • Railroad and asset mapping

  • 3D Modeling, walk-through and 3D visualization

  • Road mapping

  • Topographic mapping

  • Terrain modeling

  • Hydrology

Our deliverables have included:

  • Comprehensive 2D/3D Topographic feature map as dxf/dgn

  • Contour maps

  • Feature coded LAS or ASCII files

  • 3D datasets (DSM, DEM, DTM, intensity images)

  • 3D modeling and fly-through

  • PLS-CADD .bak files of lidar and dxf

*FAC-003's purpose is to improve the reliability of the electric transmission systems by preventing outages from vegetation located on transmission rights-of-way (ROW) and minimizing outages from vegetation located adjacent to the ROW.

**FAC-008's purpose is to ensure that Facility Ratings used in the reliable planning and operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) are determined based on technically sound principles. A Facility Rating is essential for the determination of System Operating Limits.