Cost composition of styrene acrylic

04 Mar.,2023



Butyl acrylate, styrene, etc. are the main raw materials of Styrene Acrylic Emulsion (Also called Styrene acrylate emulsion, styrene acrylic copolymer, liquid acrylic polymer emulsion or synthetic acrylic resin emulsion). In different types of emulsions, different raw materials account for different proportions of the cost.

Generally speaking, the most important raw materials of styrene acrylic emulsions are butyl acrylate and styrene.

According to the cost structure disclosed by iSuoChem (Styrene acrylic emulsion factory), the total of butyl acrylate and styrene account for 64%, 76%, 29%, and 77% of the cost of construction emulsions, waterproof emulsions, textile emulsions, and packaging emulsions, respectively.

Therefore, in different years, affected by the increase in the prices of the two major raw materials, the cost of Styrene acrylic emulsion, will also increase significantly, resulting in a decline in profits.

As the main suppliers of  acrylic Styrene emulsion , iSuoChem (Styrene acrylic emulsion supplier) had to adjust the quotation, strictly implement one-on-one negotiation, and assist old customers to formulate short- and medium-term procurement plans to cope with the profit loss caused by the price increase.