5 Reasons You Should Consider Twin Wire Mesh Fence For Your Property

01 Mar.,2023


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30-Second Summary:

  • In general, a twin Wire Mesh Fence features two 8mm horizontal wires, which sandwich 6mm vertical wire is 65mm x 200mm.
  • They are also used for safety as well as the main perimeter, parking lots, public buildings and airports.
  • The wire mesh has a unique characteristic that makes it more difficult to cut and break, especially when there is no need for a V-bend.
  • It is the most effective way to get around the world to keep people from getting into trouble with their property.

First things first! Let’s define a Twin Wire Mesh Fence for you. In general, a twin wire mesh fence features two 8mm horizontal wires, which sandwich 6mm vertical wire. It’s mesh size is 65mm x 200mm.

So, what does a twin wire mesh fence do?

Some of the most sought-after applications of mesh fencing include –

  • Demarcating
  • Securing
  • Safeguarding

any perimeters, be it the main perimeter, internal perimeters or separators between roads or walkways. 

So, what makes twin wire mesh fences a preferred choice as a demarcation solution? Let’s take a look at some rather compelling reasons!

Reason 1 – Twin Wire Mesh Is Exceptionally Strong

The twin 8 mm horizontal wires and the 6mm vertical wires offer unmatched strength to this mesh fence, making it more difficult to cut and break. This is a feature that simply cannot go unnoticed, especially when safety is a concern. 

Moreover, the unique structure of the wire mesh eliminates the need for a V-bend, which enables a flat installation of the fence. Needless to say, this helps avert any concerns regarding the waviness of the fence and further enhances its sturdiness and strength

Reason 2 – Twin Wire Mesh Acts as the Perfect Fencing Solution

More often than not, places like schools, playgrounds, swimming pools, airports, etc. span over thousands of sq.ft. and need to be demarcated well, which is where twin wire mesh fencing comes into the picture. In addition to being an excellent demarcation solution, this type of fence also keeps potential trespassers and vandals at bay.  

Reason 3 – Twin Wire Mesh is Aesthetically Pleasing 

There is no doubt about the fact that the wire mesh offers an aesthetic appeal to the premises, thereby adding a unique character to the building. Owing to the fact that both sunlight and night lights reflect off its galvanised surface, offering a captivating shimmering effect, this mesh fencing is the first preference of property owners, who have an eye for beauty. It has a unique characteristic diamond arch top to give a premium aesthetic look. The pattern on the top can be custom designed.

Reason 4 – Twin Wire Mesh Enables Visibility

When viewed from certain angles or under specific lights, twin mesh fences may seem to be opaque. However, for the most part, they are rather transparent and ensure that the security personnel can easily monitor the property without any visibility issues. This proves to be a positive aspect for many property owners as it facilitates enhanced surveillance, and lowers the chances of unrecorded trespassing. 

Reason 5 – Twin Wire Mesh is Highly Durable

Twin wire mesh panels are made using pre-galvanised wires, which are then powder coated providing the system with superior corrosion resistance features. As may be evident, this helps them last longer, even under unfavourable weather conditions and amongst pollutants such as dirt, dust and grime. Their lasting ability also makes these panels cost-effective in the long run.  

We hope that you are now as convinced about the strength and utility of Twin Wire Mesh Fences, as we are.  If you think, you are ready to give your infrastructure project, or your commercial or residential property a strong demarcation solution, do check out A-1 Fence Products for one of the most high-quality and cost-effective Twin Wire Mesh Fences around!

Twin Wire Mesh Fence FAQs

  • How is wire mesh measured?

Wire mesh is measured as the distance between the centres of the horizontal and vertical wires. Simply put, it is the actual open space between the wires that are measured.

  • What are the most common applications of wire mesh?

Wire mesh has a wide array of use in infrastructure projects, commercial sites as well as residential areas. They are also used for safety as well as demarcation purposes around swimming pools, parking lots, schools, playgrounds, public buildings, airports and military sites amongst other areas. 

  • Is it essential for the twin wire mesh fence posts to be set in concrete footings?

Not really. Posts can also be fixed using base plate and anchor fasteners by just drilling into the PCC or stone floor. This ensures that the post setting is both – cost-effective and quick.

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