Construction Considerations When Installing Skylights

26 May.,2023


Adding larger skylights to a new home is much easier because the roof system can be customized up front, which is relatively inexpensive. And that’s good because the sizing options on modern skylights are impressive. For example, the Marvin Awaken Skylight offers the largest sizes in the industry with widths over 4 feet and heights near 8 feet.

Stay Clear of Valleys, Ridgelines, and Eaves
Most roof leaks occur at transition areas, like ridgelines, valleys, and eaves. And while more advanced product engineering and improved building practices have almost eliminated the odds that your new skylight will leak, locating it too close to a roof transition could interfere with the specific flashing methods required in these more vulnerable areas. Also, in colder regions, placing a skylight near a valley may result in it being covered by snow for much of the winter season.

Trees Grow
That 30-foot maple tree in the back yard could become a 45-foot tree in 10 years and mature into a 70-foot tree 15 years after that. Even if you are okay with a tree blocking direct sunlight from entering your skylight, you also need to consider the debris trees generate. Leaves, broken branches, and seeds that accumulate on a skylight are not only an eyesore; they can also cause mold, algae, and moss to form. If there are large trees in the vicinity of your future skylight, consider choosing a model especially suited for that application.

The Marvin Awaken Skylight has a sleek, low-profile frame specifically designed to shed debris from its surface. Awaken also has a unique projection venting system that has been engineered with a perimeter screen that keeps debris from entering your house when the unit is open yet does not obscure the glass like the screens on hinged models do.

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