Dispersible polymer powder

13 Feb.,2023


Do you need china re-dispersible powder polymer supplier solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Dispersible polymer powders are homo- or copolymer dispersions that have been spray-dried to make them free-flowing and storable. This means that such powders are exceptionally suitable for adding to cement and gypsum mortar to significantly improve their properties.

Not only that, this type of chemical can enhance the properties of other construction materials such as tile adhesives, fillers and wallpaper adhesives.

Regardless of whether they are added before or after hydration, dispersible polymer powders are one of the most valuable helpers in the construction industry and the building materials sector.

Working with our network of manufacturers and suppliers, TER Chemicals is able to supply you with high-quality dispersible polymer powders to suit your application.

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