30 Jan.,2023


Substrate Preparation

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For self-leveling applications, 4 fluid ounces per sq. ft.

Measuring & Mixing

Always wear protective disposable gloves when working with Mosaic Arts & Crafts Resin. Pour equal parts of Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B) into a graduated mixing cup. Stir the material well from the bottom to the top. Scrape the sides of the container as well as the mixing stick to ensure Mosaic is fully incorporated. Mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.



For self-leveling, pour-on applications, apply Mosaic at 4 fluid ounces per sq. ft. Use a natural bristle disposable brush to spread Mosaic over the surface. Once Mosaic has been applied, you will have up to 45 minutes of working time.

  • In most cases, bubbles will rise to the surface and pop on their own. Alternatively, bubbles can be popped rapidly and effectively using a small culinary butane torch. See our how-to video for safe, fast removal of air bubbles from Mosaic.

Adding Coats

Once Mosaic Arts & Crafts Resin has set up for 6-8 hours at 70°F, you can pour a second coat. Additional coats can be applied within 72 hours without sanding. If sanding is necessary, use 150-180 grit sandpaper to degloss the surface. Clean the surface well. A vacuum or a compressed air duster works nicely, followed with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


At room temperature, Mosaic will reach 90% cure in 48 hours and complete cure in 72 hours.

Clean Up

Uncured Mosaic Arts and Crafts Resin can be cleaned up with denatured alcohol.

Tips & Tricks

  • Put clear packing tape on the bottom, outside edges of your canvas, or wood panels. Trim the tape neatly to the edge. Once Mosaic has fully cured, remove the tape for easy removal of drips.
  • Use a small level to make sure your self-leveling projects are flat.
  • Use wood panels instead of canvas to prevent sagging.
  • Seal porous substrates such and wood and canvas to reduce bubbles in your pour-on, self-leveling applications.