Space Frame

13 Feb.,2023


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In this short lesson we can use the “Space Truss” component from Lunchbox Plugin to model a parametric spaceframe from a Nurbs surface.

First, you need to draw a surface in Rhino and set it to a “Surface” component: Params menu > Geometry tab. You should right click on the component  and choose “Set one Surface” to do so.

Then using “Space Truss Structure 1” component from Lunchbox Plugin > Structure tab, you can simply define a space truss on your surface. “U” and “V” inputs would determine the number of divisions in the u and v directions.

“D” input would be the truss depth. The bigger the number you give to this input, you would have a space truss structure with bigger height.

As you can see we have four outputs. First, “LinesA” which gives us our bottom members, second, “LinesB” which would be our top members and third, “Web”, our diagonal members. By giving these lines to the “Pipe” component: Surface menu > Freeform tab and give it a radius, you can have the space truss structure. Just one more step though…

Use the last output: “Nodes”, give it to “Sphere” component: Surface menu > Primitive tab, Now you have your joints too and the structure is complete.

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