What Makes High Pressure Laminates for Kitchen the Best Choice?

25 May.,2023


What Makes High Pressure Laminates for Kitchen the Best Choice?

When it comes to decorating your kitchen surfaces, it is natural for your mind to move towards aesthetically appealing designs. But what if there is such a material that could not only visually upgrade the look of the kitchen, but also enhance the durability and fortify the hygiene levels in the area?

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are a god-sent solution to all your kitchen surface needs! Here’s why:

1. Hygiene is Always the Top Priority

If you’re someone who loves to cook or are frantic about kitchen hygiene, HPL is going to be your best-friend in the kitchen! You never have to worry about contaminating the food you cook or eat because CenturyLaminates takes care of your kitchen hygiene for you! They serve as a barrier against germs, viruses & bacteria, all the while protecting your kitchen cabinets, slabs and other surfaces from scratches, stains, malodour and scuff. They are supremely low-maintenance and a dream to clean!

Tip: CenturyLaminates are very easy to maintain and require little input. Just clean the laminates surfaces with a diluted or mild cleaning agent and a microfibre cloth to reserve their beauty.

2. Choices Galore

When customers want their interiors to reflect their uniqueness, HPL is the go-to option for most professionals. It comes in a myriad colours, patterns and designs and offers the very best options! Our CenturyLaminates come in an impressive variety of choices-- high-glossy solids, wood-grain, European matt finish, marbled designs, combinations and more.

Flexibility with gloss and matt levels gives opportunity to either make kitchen space more visually bigger with gloss finishing or more serene with matt ones. 

Tip: High-Gloss Lucida laminates will work amazingly well for a bold kitchen space whereas Silk Tuff’s internationally-favoured matt finish is perfect for a sophisticated kitchen design.

3. Free from the Menace of Fingerprints

CenturyLaminates offers you an entire range of anti-fingerprint laminates, complete with antiviral protection and marvellous colour-fastness. These laminates are a testament to the use of only the best and latest technology by CenturyLaminates.

There is nothing more off-putting than the impression of dirty fingers on kitchen surfaces. This triggers a constant need to clean and may become cumbersome and a heavy price to pay for the investment in kitchen decor. Our anti-fingerprint laminates allow no marks to be left on your kitchen and gives you a sense of relief and reassurance as a homeowner.

4. Low Prices, High Performance

CenturyLaminates are designed with exotic and imported premium quality kraft & decorative papers. This ensures that every sheet of laminate meets the highest level of quality standards. They are a very economical solution for your kitchen surfaces. They are scratch, stain, odour, bacteria, fungus and virus resistant. Their lifespan is longer than many other alternative surface solutions and saves you a lot of money in the long-run.

CenturyLaminates is India’s most preferred surface solution and offers something for every type of household and interior decor. Download our latest LookBook 2020-22 here and explore the endless design possibilities: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/catalouge-lookbook.php 

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