Varstrom KD986 LCD Display for UARTBus Bafang eBike Conversion

02 Mar.,2023


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Varstrom KD986 LCD Display DESCRIPTION

The Varstrom KD986 LCD Display is a large high-contrast colorful display, and it is compatible with our BAFANG Mid drive conversition kit(include bbs01b/02b/hd), all can also work with bafang rear hub motor, this is one of the most fashionable and popular dispaly, Use of a two-way serial communicationprotocol, simple operation of the display viathe external keypad,Improve safety while riding.

What can it show us on the ebike screen?

  1. Battery SOC indicator
  2. Headlight/USB connection
  3. Cycle Interface
  4. Motor Power
  5. Kilometer/Mile
  6. Assist Level/Push-assistance
  7. Trip/ODO/Max.Speed/Avg.Speed/Time
  8. USB connection indicator

KD986 LCD Display Various Parameters Settings

  • Wheel Size Settings
  • Speed Limit Settings
  • Voltage Settings
  • Speed Indication (Running speed, Max speed and Ave speed)
  • Controller limited Current
  • The push-assistance function
  • Trip time indication
  • Password Enable/change/disable
  • Error code indication


Varstrom KD986 Lcd Display EN Manual:

Varstrom KD986 Lcd Display DE Manual:

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