How do turnbuckles work?

14 Mar.,2023


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A question that we are often asked at Farmhouse Hardware is,

How do turnbuckles



A turnbuckle is a device used to adjust the length (or tension) of rod ends, cables, ropes, or tie rods.  The picture below shows two threaded rod ends, one screwed into each end of a metal turnbuckle body, one with a left-hand thread and the other with a right-hand thread.  Eye bolts, hooks, and other configurations can also be used instead of rod ends.  These rod ends are most commonly used when building farmhouse furniture.

The length (or tension) can be adjusted by rotating the turnbuckle body, which causes both bolts to be screwed inward or outward simultaneously, without twisting the bolts or attached cables.

Turning the turnbuckle Body,

in one direction

Turning the turnbuckle Body,

in opposite direction

turnbuckle assemblies are often used when building Farmhouse Tables for the following reasons:

  1.  Structurally, it makes the table very stable.  When mounting turnbuckle assemblies from the bottom of the leg crossbeam to the underside of the table at an angle, the table becomes incredibly solid.  When pushing the table from one end, it will have very little movement (or wobble) from end to end.
  2. Design.  Our turnbuckle assemblies provide a timeless elegance to your designs.  It is a unique and artistic way to bring furniture to life.


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