5 Reasons You Might Need An Eye Bolt

30 Jan.,2023


Eye Bolt

5 reasons you might need an eyebolt

When you want a solution for hanging or moving a heavy object, eye bolts may be a perfect choice. Made to provide lifting support when other options are not suitable, eye bolts are the strength you need.

Find out more about eye bolts before you purchase them.

What is an Eye Bolt Used For?

An eye bolt is used for a range of lifting needs, and comes in a variety of models - ensuring that you can get the right support for your project. Eye bolts are designed to lift heavy items vertically when other lifting equipment like forklifts are not suitable. Traditionally, they were created to enable the movement of equipment for transport where moving by hand was not possible.

What Does an Eye Bolt Look Like?

Eye bolts are incredibly simple in their makeup – they have a shank that is threaded to screw into a ceiling or wall, and an eyelet on the top to take the ropes or wires that will be used to move an item. The installation of an eyebolt is typically in wood or steel, and the bolt is fixed in place with the support of a nut wherever possible.

How Much Weight Can You Hang from an Eye Bolt?

The total weight that can be hung from an eye bolt depends on the size of the shank and the size of the eyelet, as well as the materials they are made from and where you intend to use them. Each eye bolt retailer will be able to provide you with a clear idea of the maximum load that your eye bolt can take when you share the project you are working on.

Top 5 Reasons You May Need an Eye Bolt

Eye bolts are incredibly popular, because of their strength, and because they are relatively small in size and easy to install. The top five uses of eyebolts include:

  • Domestic usage where they are needed to fix an item to a wall, such as industrial-style artwork.
  • Industrial usage where they are needed for tensioning and lifting duties.
  • Outdoor usage where stainless steel eye bolts can be used on equipment that remains outside all year round.
  • Concrete usage where eye bolts are used to help attach bricks and concrete for a more secure finish.
  • Wood usage where eye bolts provide security and anchorage for external items that need to be fixed, such as trellis.

Because eye bolts come in so many different sizes, they can be used for many different purposes across all walks of life. All you need to know is the maximum weight you need to hold with your eye bolt and the receiving material that it will be installed in, so that you get the right solution for each job you complete.

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