550w 520w Half Cells Size Solar Panel 144 cells System

28 Nov.,2022


144 cell solar panel

Half Cells Size Solar Panel


For half-cut Panel technology, they're literally cutting a normal full solar cell panel. Instead of having 60 or 72 cells like a common PV module, it becomes 120 or 144 half cells size, while maintaining the same design and size as conventional modules.


Compared with the traditional full chip solar panel, the Half Cells Size will have higher output power and power generation capacity of the solar panel photovoltaic module. At the same time, due to the low internal resistance of the module, the temperature during the power generation process is lower than that of the conventional module.

Advantage of 520W Half Cells Size


Among the whole Half Cells Size solar System, 520w Half Cells Size is the most common. SF-M18 520w Half Cells Size is a 144 cells solar panel, and Max System Voltage reached 1500V DC. Besides this, We also have other solar panel systems suitable for you, welcome to buy.


Our 520-550w half cells size also have the following advantage.


- Lower loss


As mentioned above, due to the reduction of internal current and line resistance, the internal losses dissipated in the internal circuit are reduced, the power loss is proportional to the current, and half the current and one quarter of the resistance allow the 520w half cells size assembly to reduce the power loss 4 times, the corresponding output power and power generation will increase.


At the same time, due to the reduction in internal loss, the operating temperature of the module and the junction box also drops. When the module works outdoors, the temperature of the 520w half cells size module itself is about 1.6°C lower than that of the conventional full piece module, and the lower temperature allows the module to have higher photoelectricity. conversion efficiency.


Even if instead of using the two halves in parallel, all the 520w half cells size were connected to work like a standard solar panel, the current would be half the current, but the resistance would be the same, and the power consumption would be 1/4 the power.


- Shadow tolerance reduces hot spot risk


520-550 Watt Half Cells Size resist the effects of shadows better than standard solar modules.


Half cells size modules do not have 3 panel strings like standard modules, but 6 strings, making it a 6-string panel. Although a small amount of shading on a module (leaves, bird droppings, etc.) can disable the entire string, the effect of shading is reduced due to the design of the bypass diodes (marked in red in the image below) that the string does not affect other strings .


6 independent strings with 3 bypass diodes provide better partial shading tolerance. Even if half of the component is obscured by shadows, the other half will still work.


- Low current reduces hot spot temperature


Half cells Size Solar Panel distribute internal current in the system and improve its performance, longevity and shade tolerance.


When a cell of a cell string in a module is shaded, the cell forms a hot spot in the circuit, and the sustained high temperature can damage the module. Since there are twice as many strings of half cells size modules, which means that there is only half the heat at the hot spot, and the lower heat causes less damage to the module, it can improve the resistance to hot spot damage and increase the use of the module life.


- Shadow tolerance reduces power loss


In a photovoltaic array, multiple modules are generally connected in series, and then connected in parallel with other sub-series. Current flows in and out of each series-connected component in turn in the same substring.


For the traditional module panel design, once a certain module loses power due to various reasons of shadowing, it will affect all the modules in the substring. Whereas in the half chip module pictured above, the bypass diode limits the power loss in the shaded part rather than the entire module, it creates an alternate path for current to flow in the non-shaded part and avoids the current passing through the shaded part, reducing the shadowed part. affect and improve its performance.