When Should I Flush My RODI Filters

21 Sep.,2022

Imagine what a coffee filter looks like after it's used. That's a lot like what your RO filter looks


Photocatalyst Filter

Imagine what a coffee filter looks like after it's used. That's a lot like what your RO filter looks like after you run your RODI system, due to all the dirt and other contaminants that stay in the filter after the clean water runs through it. A big part of keeping your RODI system running smoothly requires keeping the RO filter cleaned by flushing it out after use.

At a minimum, the RO membrane should be flushed at the end of each work day, but it’s better to do it after every use. Without flushing, the RO membrane can also become moldy, which will create additional blockages. Flushing between jobs keeps the RO membrane fresh and prevents hard-water buildup. 

Ideally, you will also flush your RO for a few minutes before a job to help eliminate any possible creep that could have occurred. You do not need to flush as you do at the end of the day since you flushed thoroughly after the last job.

When flushing, you DO NOT want to let the water run through your DI because it will use it up very quickly. Instead, depending on your system, you will need to open the RO flush valve, which is located directly after the RO tank. When the valve is closed, it stops the water pressure from going down the side and out the system,  instead creating pressure that forces the water through the RO filter. When you open the valve to flush, the water slips down the side of the RO filter without going through the filter, collecting the dirt and contaminants along with it until the RO membrane is clean.  

With the

The video below shows how this works (starting at 1:24). 

With the H2Pro , however, you can turn off the DI valve then open up the flush valve to 100%, then run the machine for 3 to 5 minutes. This H2Pro's design also lets you use RO-only water for jobs with water that don't need to be as clean, such as solar panels, car washing, alucabond cleaning, and others.