The relationship for the tie and plaid suit-[Handsome tie]

18 Jan.,2021

ties men,148*7.5cm


Tie is indispensable in both daily life and some formal occasions. How to match has become a little skill worth learning for every man. We like to choose plain suit to match everyday, so today let's take a look at the brilliant performance of plaid suit with tie.

1. Navy Plaid suit + tie

Deep with a little bit of playfulness, perfectly neutralized the seriousness brought by the suit, more refreshing.

dot ties men

2. Navy Plaid suit + printed tie

The printed tie has rich colors, which can set off the temperament and details when matched with the navy suit.

floral ties men

3. Light blue plaid suit + orange tie

The choice of orange tie is not groundless, there is a touch of orange in the suit, so we can choose the corresponding color, which plays a coordinating role and makes people remember deeply.

plain ties men

4. Light blue plaid suit + brown point tie

Dark blue playful Plaid suit with a brown point tie highlights a casual personality.

dot ties men

5. Grey Plaid suit + animal tie

The natural and neat gray lattice with animal tie can make the overall shape lively and interesting.

animal ties men

6. Grey Plaid suit + printed tie

Cashew Flower Printed tie is popular all over the world. It's easy to match, and can add more points for yourself.

paisley ties men

7. Beige Plaid suit + black and white plaid tie

Black and white, feel the whole person refreshing and clean, but also more fresh age.

ties men

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