Advantages of Frozen Fruit

18 May.,2021

​In the conventional wisdom of the general public, eating fresh fruits is the norm for consumption.


In the conventional wisdom of the general public, eating fresh fruits is the norm for consumption. So, how does frozen fruit compare with fresh fruit in terms of nutrition, taste and price? What advantages have become reasons for consumers to choose? These are issues that end users care about. Strappy Sportswearanswers your doubts

Frozen Lychees

Frozen Lychees

The advantages of frozen fruit are mainly reflected in the following four points:

First, the varieties are diverse and are not affected by the season. Frozen Grapes, Frozen Lychees, etc. as long as you can think of frozen fruit manufacturers can provide you. The storage period of the frozen fruit can reach two years, and it can be supplied throughout the year, which solves the seasonal problem of fruit production. And the difficulty of purchasing raw materials is greatly reduced, which can meet the diverse needs of consumers to a greater extent.

Second, it is easy to store and sanitary. The biggest difficulty of fresh fruit lies in the preservation process, and the frozen fruit only needs to be frozen at minus 18 degrees, and the preservation time is long, and the product loss rate is greatly reduced. Because the product undergoes a low-temperature quick-freezing process, it can effectively inhibit the activities of microorganisms, ensuring more sanitation and safer eating.

Third, it is convenient to eat and tastes guaranteed. Just defrost and eat, and many products have begun to try small packages, ready to use, taste comparable to fresh fruit.

Fourth, nutrition is more abundant. Before fresh fruits enter the market, they often go through processes such as picking, storage, and transportation. During this period of time, although the fruits are still brightly colored, their nutrition will be lost a lot. And if the freezing process is carried out immediately after picking, the nutrients in the fruit can be locked to the maximum.

Researchers conducted a comparative survey between consumers of Frozen Fruitsand vegetables and consumers of fresh food between 2011 and 2014. It was found that the former had more intake of nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, calcium and vitamin D.