How to choose warm gloves (and other gloves): 10 key things you need to know

18 Mar.,2023


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We decided to make these tips so easy you can count them out on your soon-to-be warm and comfortable fingers. Whether you’re looking for the best ski gloves, best snow gloves, or simply a pair of winter gloves that can see you through years of commuting in cold weather, these ten tips will help you bring an end to numb thumbs and frigid digits.

1. Insulation

You know the feeling: a painful, biting cold that chills you to the bone. And stuffing your hands in your pockets just isn’t an option when you’re halfway up a mountain or weaving through traffic on your bike. This is when your gloves should be made with an insulated fabric—whether down, synthetic, or fleece. A good place to start researching: GORE-TEX Plus Warm Gloves, in which the insulation is optimized into gloves that are also waterproof and breathable.


2. Waterproofness

Want your hands to stay warm? You’ll need them to stay dry. Damp fingers on the cycle to work or when you’re doing your favorite Alpine sport can very quickly (maybe even dangerously) become numb fingers. Our full range of original GORE-TEX gloves carries the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, meaning they’re durably waterproof. They’re also windproof and breathable.


3. Windproofness

As the wind whips up fallen leaves in the park or on the trail, it’s easy to forget how much that wind chill can drop your temperature. For fingers that don’t feel a bit of even the strongest gale, take a look at GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® gloves—which also offer extreme breathability.


4. Dexterity

Dexterity means how well your fingers can do what fingers are supposed to do. Will the design of your gloves allow you to unzip your jacket, get your subway pass out, and use your car keys? What about typing a quick message on your phone without needing to take your gloves off? Check out GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ STRETCH gloves, which are tactile, breathable, form-fitting, and also totally protect you from the wind.


5. Coverage - breathable skin comfort

You might have the warmest winter gloves on the planet, but if they don’t cover your hands and wrists properly, you’re not going to be able to do whatever you’re doing comfortably. If you’re entering seriously cold temperatures, or even just watching a football game outside on a chilly day, look for gloves that are long enough to cover your wrists—preferably with an elasticated cuff to keep the heat in, and wind out.


6. Touchscreen-friendly

Do you know what makes your hands cold? Taking your gloves off. Sounds simple, but it’s true. If you’re going to be navigating some unfamiliar streets on your phone or answering emails in a cold subway station, get some gloves that allow you to do all this—and a whole lot more—without taking them off. GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ gloves with stretch technology could be just what you need. 


7. Size and fit

Time to play Goldilocks. Gloves that are too big won’t keep your hands warm. Too small and they’ll restrict your movement. The best gloves for wintry days in the city or alpine sports will leave about a quarter of an inch between your fingers and the end of the glove for maximum comfort.


8. Finger separation - gloves or mittens?

Mittens keep all your fingers in one compartment, and they tend to keep hands warmer, but offer a smaller range of motion. So weigh it up: mittens may be cute and toasty, but often, you can get the same warmth from an insulated and waterproof glove design.


9. Durability

If you’re going on a serious cold-weather mission, you need to pay attention to how rugged your gloves are. They’ll last better in the rough and tumble of mountaineering and winter sports if you choose a pair with some added protection. All GORE-TEX gloves go through rigorous testing to make sure they offer the best possible protection, no matter where your adventuring takes you.


10. Grip

Good grip means paying attention to fit as much as surface texture. GORE-TEX grip gloves are designed with tightly-bonded layers, so there’s no movement between them. That means you feel more in control, whether you’re gripping ski poles or motorcycle handlebars. But trust those who use them: mountaineer Greg Hill and climber Stefan Glowacz both rely on GORE-TEX grip gloves to ensure their adventures stay safe.  


So from thumb to pinky (and back again), those are the ten tips you need to keep your hands warm all winter. Still want more? Check out the full range of gloves featuring GORE-TEX technologies.

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