Dry Fruits Powder Mix (For Healthy Turri Drink)

26 Nov.,2022


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Dry Fruits Powder Mix  - is one of the most nutritious nuts powder that is mixed with milk to make turri drink. It keeps your body energetic, warm and healthy especially during fasts and during winters. Perfect for all ages.

The nuts powder mix consists of various dry fruits, namely - almonds, pistas, kaju, dried coconut, makhana, and walnuts. The other Ingredients includes, green cardamom, cloves, ghee and saffron (optional).

For this dry fruit powder mix recipe, you can add melon seeds or poppy seeds also. Personally i do not like the flavour of poppy seeds in turri, so i skip it always.

You can drink it as your iftar or light dinner or even Suhr(sehri). In our region( north India), we call it Turri. There are many ways for the preparation of turri drink mix, each recipe differs from home to home.

This is best for not only for adults but even kids and elderly. In fact it is good for all the age groups.

This easy essential dry fruit powder mix can be made in bulk and refrigerated.

In case, if you are allergic to cashews or coconut, skip them and proceed with the rest. Further more, you can add your choice of nuts and even increase the amount of nuts you like the most.

There is no hard and fast rules for the choices of nuts. But I highly recommend you to add makhana(Fox nuts)as they are rich in calcium, helps in Arthritis and neuralgias. It is good for diabetic patients and strengthens your spleen and kidney.

Fox nuts helps in increasing your moisture level in body, aids digestion and rejuvenates respiratory system.

Turri drink is good for your health in winters, rains or while you are in fast. In most of the Muslim households, it is a must make nourishing drink in North India during the month of Ramadan and in winters.

A Glassful of this drink makes best healthy breakfast or sip it warm before bed on rainy or chilly nights. Let’s go through how to make this yummy healthy dry fruit powder mix at home