How Can I Improve My Picking Efficiency?

14 Apr.,2021

High-quality gardening tools are hard to come by. That's why having a picker that is compact, sturdy and can reach the required height will make your life as a gardener much easier.


Btttled tomato sauce are hard to come by. That's why having a picker that is compact, sturdy and can reach the required height will make your life as a gardener much easier. Whether you are just picking fruit for your family, selling at a small local farmers' market or selling to a major commercial distributor, the right tools will help you harvest more fruit in less time.

We have therefore decided to research many different products so that we can offer you only the best selection of fruit pickers. We also offer the best budget and cheapest fruit pickers, so whatever your needs, there is a product for you.

Who can benefit from picking fruit? Obviously, gardeners and people working commercially picking fruit will benefit from using them. However, even homeowners who pick fresh fruit for their own families can benefit greatly from using a picker.

About the fruit picker

As the name suggests, the fruit picker is designed to help you pick fruit. You can easily collect oranges, pears, apples and other fruits that are growing overhead. The selector will help you reach higher heights. It will also help you to hold more fruit at a time. This means less picking, bending, stooping, and bending.

It also means less pain if you perform these tasks countless times a day.

When investing in a picker, it's not just about choosing a large picker. You need to consider not only its capacity, but also its efficiency. How fast can you move and collect fruit? What kind of fruit can it hold? And, some other factors that make picking fruit easier and faster are some of the features to consider when choosing a picker.

Telescopic Fruit Picker

What factors to consider when choosing a picker?

1. Lightweight

You want the tool to help you, not hinder you. If it is heavy, it will weigh you down and this will slow you down. So when you're in a hurry to get the job done and want to collect more fruit in less time, you want something that is lighter in weight, more efficient and can be moved quickly.

2. Durability

After a few uses, you don't want something fragile or that will break your stuff. Therefore, everything from the cage to the collection bucket to the pole or arm should be durable. Consider the construction of materials, reinforcement materials and other design aspects to ensure you choose the best product. You don't have to spend too much on your fruit collector. By comparing just a few items, you can easily find a durable, high-quality picker at an affordable price when you are ready to choose one for your outdoor collection needs.

3. Basket size

Capacity is important. Again, you want to collect more in less time. So you need a basket that can hold more fruit so that you can easily collect more fruit without having to keep moving up and down as you work. The more it can hold, the easier your job of harvesting fruit will be.

4. Adjustable

It must be equipped with an adjustable arm or pole. Telescopic fruit picker will allow you to reach higher heights, collect more overhead items and do your job with ease without causing undue stress or pain where you don't want to suffer such stress. The adjustable arms are a great way to reach higher and higher positions without having to worry about dropping the items you collect.

5.Scrape protection 

when collecting delicate fruit, you don't want to scrape it. Therefore, you need a fruit picker which will help avoid this. Look for something that is easy to collect and gently holds the fruit. When you use a fruit picker to help you reach up to higher trees and heights, this will eliminate bruising and possible damage to the fruit you collect.