Powder extract and fruit powder: what’s the difference?

26 Nov.,2022


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Following up on the population’s consumption habits, many manufacturers have been increasingly taking advantage of techniques that do not use artificial ingredients. This is the case of powder extract  and fruit powder, inputs developed by Blue Macaw Flora that, in addition to not losing the original nutrients, are used as raw material for other products.

But is there a difference between fruit powders and powder extract s? Yes! And we will explain it to you.

The fruit powder is produced from the dehydration of the food’s pulp, and it undergoes an atomization process, which guarantees the drying of the water present in its composition.

Known as Spray Drying, the technique transforms fruit pulps into dried powder by means of a drying chamber, where the droplets pass through a stream of hot air.

In the process, heat and mass transfer occurs rapidly between the air and steam films that are around each drop under the saturation temperature. In this way, it is possible to preserve its essential characteristics.

This drying system is widely used in the production of milk powder, instant coffee, and powdered juices, and is considered ideal for cases where a high standard of quality and nutrients must be respected.

To get to the powder extracts, the Spray Drying technique is also used. In this condition, however, the process is a bit different and longer.

Generally, the extracts are obtained from dried plants, which remain in a liquid with solvent in order to ensure that all the active substances remain intact and in high amounts.

Subsequently, the product goes to the atomization, which allows the liquid to evaporate and the material to become the powder extract .


Benefits of fruit powder

Fruit powders are ideal for use in industries as a basic ingredient for juices, soda, energy drinks, food supplements, among others.

With a reduced volume and easy transport and consumption, since it does not require refrigeration, fruits like pineapple, cupuacu, guava, acerola, acai, mango, graviola, passion fruit, among others, gain more space in the food intake of people who seek healthier habits.

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This type of input is rich in fibers and the atomization system used ensures that the nutrients present in the plants are preserved. Therefore, just like fresh fruits, fruit powder promotes bowel function, eliminates toxins, lowers cholesterol absorption, among other benefits.

In addition, this type of input is also widely used as a replacement for common artificial ingredients in the pharmacological and cosmetic industries.


Advantages of powder extracts

Just like fruit powders, powder extract s work in lowering cholesterol, preventing diseases, among others, since they have the fibers and vitamins present in the fresh product. Guarana, yerba mate, muirapuama, and catuaba are among the most common types of powder extract .

With potent nutrients, the powder extract s are widely used as a raw material for supplements, energy drinks, herbal medicines, among other products manufactured by large companies.

Because they have higher active ingredients than the original plant itself, their use is made in a smaller quantity and in a more precise and effective way. This ensures less likelihood of contamination and the presence of bacteria, besides being easier to store and transport them.

The powder extract  produced by Blue Macaw Flora comes from raw materials obtained from approved suppliers and follows environmental practices and standardization processes, complying with all food safety legislation in force in the country.

Blue Macaw Flora provides the inputs according to the needs of the customer, ensuring that the taste and the nutritional properties are clearly preserved.

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