Seams on the bottle

26 Sep.,2022


custom glass bottles

There are seams on the bottle when bottle finished.

Today Let's talk about the seams on bottle

1. The seam line on bottle,also named Horizonal seams

(1)Top plate or Ring mold parting lines

(2)Neck ring parting line.

(3)Base Plate parting line.

Seams on the bottle

2.Side seams,also named Vertical Seams

(1)Neck ring seams

(2)Blank seams

(3)Blow mold seams

Seams on the bottle

3.Basal scar at the bottom of bottle,It is a seam line on the bottom plane of the mold.

(1)Baffle mark

(2)Valve mark

Seams on the bottle

This type of valve stamp is designed to reduce the bulky movement during the blowing & blowing process. Its working principle: When the bulkhead is down, the valve on the bulkhead is flushed by the airflow and starts to puff. When the air flap is closed, the air flap valve is closed under the action of the spring, which will form the initial embryo (therefore, the valve mark at the bottom of the bottle). Therefore, the process does not have a second head-bulking action, and it can appropriately increase the machine speed. Its working principle is shown as below pictures

Seams on the bottle