7 Durable Outdoor Rugs to Give Your Deck Some Style

14 Mar.,2023


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Outdoor rugs can do more than cover an unsightly deck or patio—they can turn just about any outdoor space into an outdoor living space. Whether you’re trying to create a cozy cocktail spot under the string lights or better define a dining area in your yard, a weather-resistant rug will really help tie the “room” together.

But buyer beware: Some of those gorgeous rugs labeled “indoor/outdoor” are only slightly more durable than their indoor counterparts and are really meant for a covered porch or patio. At the very least they’re for someone who takes their outdoor decor inside at the first sign of rain.

A true outdoor rug is flat weave with synthetic material and can stand up to sun, rain, and the surprise unseasonable wintry mix. Ideally, it can also be cleaned with a hose (preferably one with sprayer nozzle as it makes cleaning things outside 10 times easier).

Luckily, there are still plenty of good looking options that check all the boxes for a durable outdoor rug. And while some are still called indoor/outdoor rugs, all of the outdoor rugs I’ve included here can withstand the elements, pets, and a good hose down.

Here are seven stylish outdoor rugs for your deck, porch, or patio.

Imani Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This neutral braided rug from House of Jade has the same look as jute, but because it’s made of a synthetic blend, it can withstand sun and rain. Honestly, it feels almost too nice and plush to live outside, but it’s surprisingly durable. It doesn’t shed or fray like real jute, and for such a thick rug, it dries really quickly. I have a small mat by my back door and throw it over a patio chair after it rains, but I’m dreaming of the larger size below for my living room because I know it can handle dogs and kids (which are often harder on a rug than bad weather).

Threshold Staccato Outdoor Rug

I’ve had this fringed outdoor rug on my deck for three years and it’s still going strong. I have good intentions of taking it inside for the winter, but I haven’t managed to yet. It is incredibly thin, but that means if it has a crease from getting bunched-up or windblown, I can easily hose it down to flatten it out and it dries flat quickly.

Project 62 Green Mod Desert Outdoor Rug

Target’s in-store selection of outdoor rugs is pretty limited, and even online it’s not easy to see what’s available. After a little digging, I was thrilled to find this fun green rug from the Project 62 line. Like the Threshold rug, it’s made of woven synthetic materials and it can easily be cleaned with a hose.

courtesy of Target

Project 62 Green Mod Desert Outdoor Rug


at Target

Project 62 Coral Dot Grid Outdoor Rug

A second option from Target house brand Project 62. This coral rug will add a subtle pop of color to your outdoor dining or lounge area. The geometric design is on the softer side, so this would be perfect in a modern or boho-inspired space.

Project 62 Coral Dot Grid Outdoor Rug


at Target

Opalhouse Striped Outdoor Rug

This striped rug from another Target brand, the boho Opalhouse, is versatile enough to work in just about any outdoor space—at least one that isn’t already bursting with bold colors and patterns. It’s made with the same materials as the Threshold rug (70% polypropylene and 30% polyester), except that it’s braided instead of woven.

Umbria Striped Charcoal Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This modern rug doesn’t exactly scream “summer,” and that’s what I love about it. The Umbria is available in charcoal with a light gray pattern as well as gray with a charcoal pattern.

Luz Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Mat

This super-durable, reversible patterned rug is available in four colors and five sizes. But if you’re looking for a pop of color, definitely go with the orange.

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