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The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the auditorium chairs industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Building your own home theater space can be one of the most exciting and rewarding home improvement projects you ever undertake. But how do you get started planning out your home theater dimensions and figuring out how to configure the room? Not only is it worth considering the spacing between seating rows, but you’ll also want to think about the…

HOME THEATER LOUNGER AND SOFA PLACEMENT Looking to create the best home theater seating experience possible? Consider that the positioning of your theater furniture can be the single most important aspect of your home theater. There is an entire art of strategically designing the layout of your room so that all of your viewers have a superior entertainment experience. Experts…

Let's face it; most of us are amateurs when it comes to creating and designing home theaters. Few of us are lucky enough to have built a home movie theater more than once in our lives. We believe it is always less expensive and less frustrating to learn from other's mistakes than your own, that's why we have listed below the…

In a world of convenience and home delivery, it seems that anything can be purchased online. And when it comes to setting up your home theater, it is no different. When you are considering your entertainment layout, selecting the perfect seating for your movie nights is a crucial part of the final outcome.

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A Capella of Music & Theater

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

A Capella means to sing without instrumental accompaniment. It is a style of music that relies solely on the human voice to produce a melodic sound and is a type of singing that has been dated back thousands of years to when humans first learned to communicate. A cappella is often an extraordinary display of what talented singers and musicians…

Best TV Recliners

Bruce Tucker Furniture

Kick back and get cozy with our top luxury TV recliners, offering various unique features to ensure the utmost comfort. There’s nothing more rewarding than gathering with loved ones to watch your favorite films and tv shows or perhaps enjoying some downtime on your own after a day’s worth of hard work.

Furniture Arrangement for A Well Ordered Home

Tonya Haley Decor, Furniture

Everyone has been in a home that contains beautiful things buried in clutter. Then, there are the homes where there's a dedicated place to hang up coats and plenty of comfortable seating. In these homes, it's easy to move from one room to another with no furniture blocking the path, and while you're sitting on the sofa, there's a table…

Theater Audience Etiquette: What to Expect

Carina Jaramillo Learn, Theater

From the shining lights of Broadway to the school auditorium down the street, attending the theater should be an exciting event. Everyone loves a little make-believe, right? Part of maintaining an immersive experience requires the audience to practice good etiquette and create a good environment for the show. Most people who attend theater productions even sporadically have stories of a…

Visual Arts Glossary

Carina Jaramillo Other

Visual arts include mediums like architecture, ceramics, crafts, drawing, design, filmmaking, painting, photography, and sculpture. Other types of art, like the performing arts, also feature elements of the visual arts. Like other parts of the larger art field, the visual arts have their own vocabulary. The following terms are defined through the lens of the study of visual arts.

Get Off the Couch and Exercise!

Tonya Haley Learn, Other, Sports

While at home, it’s easy to stay on one’s sofa watching television or playing video games. Unfortunately, the more sedentary a person is, the greater their risk of developing issues that negatively impact their health. That’s why routine exercise is so crucial. There are, however, situations that may seem like a hindrance to one’s ability to get in a good…

Biography of Famous Actress: Marilyn Monroe

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Theater

Who Was Marilyn Monroe? Screen legend and cultural icon Marilyn Monroe was a successful actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Monroe has an incredible fan following that spans from the 1950s to today. Despite her devastating beginnings, she forged an outstanding career in Hollywood with a filmography of films earning over $200 million. Sadly, Marilyn Monroe’s career was cut…

The Evolution of Cinema throughout History

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Theater

The first great cinematic boom didn’t take place in Hollywood or even in California. It actually happened in New Jersey. The first films were rudimentary affairs, but the story of cinema is a story of rapid technological advances. The latest Marvel movie may not seem to have much in common with a nickelodeon, but the people in theater seats waiting…

Types of Televisions

Tonya Haley Film & TV, Learn, Technology

Television is a versatile technology you can install in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. If you’re moving into a new home or looking to upgrade your existing television, you need to know what kinds of television are available and which are the best. But, what are the different types of TVs? In this guide, we will discuss the main…

Guide to Interior Design Styles

Tonya Haley Decor, Furniture, Learn

How have you styled your home? Does your home exude a classic traditionalist look, or do you prefer a more modern minimalist design? Creating a home that you are proud of doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Simply following the interior design tips and palettes that suit your taste will result in a beautiful home that you will love…

Guide to Types of Flooring for Your Home

Carina Jaramillo Decor, Learn

The choice of flooring that you use in your home can make a real statement and can make your interior design style stand out from the crowd. Do you prefer solid natural hardwood, or an engineered wood floor? Perhaps you like the look and the price tag of laminate, linoleum, or vinyl? Or will you choose a classic ceramic or…

Theater Performances and Resources for Dancers

Carina Jaramillo Learn, Theater

Dance is a great way to get active while learning great skills you can use for the rest of your life. Whether you want to work as a dancer one day or you're interested in dancing with your friends and family, you can learn more about the different types of dance and how to do it. Thanks to the COVID-19…

Convert VHS to DVD

Bruce Tucker Learn, Technology

Converting your VHS tapes to DVD can help your home movie memories last forever, breathing new life into your nostalgic history. There are several ways to convert VHS tape to DVD, allowing you to watch your new DVD home movies as much as you like! Team up your new DVD home movies with the perfect choice in home theater seating…

A Compendium of Gaming Controllers

Max Pinch Technology

Video games have long enchanted audiences since their first real appearance in 1971 with Computer Space, and with Pong in 1972, which are widely recognized as the titles (and technology) that started it all.

Sports Venues Ranked by Average Ticket Prices

Max Pinch Other, Sports

Sports are a major part of every culture across the planet and have been for thousands of years. Early sporting events have been a hallmark of historians and archaeologists who continue to uncover more connections between our modern love of stadiums to the people who lived in the past.

Directors of the Most High Grossing-Films

Carina Jaramillo Film & TV, Movies

Interior design is one of the largest industries in the U.S., growing and expanding at a swift rate. Making the inside of a home both beautiful and productive is important, and has been implemented as architectural development has progressed. But where can you be most successful as an interior designer?

The Winningest Sports Teams of All Time

Max Pinch Learn, Sports

There are a few things considered to be all-American, and sports are undoubtedly one of them. Sports like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey are the most loved and top-rated activities across the country, continuing a sports dynasty that people tune into on the TV or line up for in-person game tickets to enjoy.

Starlink vs Cable vs Fiber Which is the Best Option for My Home Theater

Max Pinch Technology

So, you want to connect your home theater directly to the Internet of Things—it’s a great idea and is an easy way to take your in-home entertainment to the next level. But with such a plethora of options out there for internet connections, where do you even start? Take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks involved with each…

The Most-Watched Movie Trailers within 24 Hours of Release

Max Pinch Film & TV

When it comes to generating hype for the release of upcoming movies, the film industry and movie studios rely on several tactics to drum up audience excitement. However, over the decades, it has become clear that movie trailers are one of the most effective ways to spread anticipation for film releases. Because movie culture is so mainstream, audiences all over…

What the Most Profitable Video Game Companies Make Per Second in a Year

Peter Goldstein Technology

Video games—once a niche hobby in dim arcades, and now a multi-million-dollar industry with billions of players around the world and an ever-evolving market. Players can pick up a controller and enjoy a getaway into whatever realm they choose, be it the fantasy world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the combat of God of War, the horror-action of The Last of…

Fancy Popcorn Recipes: Themed After Movie Genre

Darcy McGilvray Film & TV

Every good movie night needs the perfect snack. And what better to accompany your big screen experience than a bowl of popcorn! We all love the taste of classic movie theater popcorn—buttery, salty, and with just the right amount of crunch. But if you want to go the extra mile for your movie night, why not pair your film genre…

TV Shows & Movie Series with the Most Hours of Content

Carina Jaramillo Film & TV

We have all sat down to enjoy one episode of a new TV show or the first movie of a series, and then found ourselves sat there, many hours and multiple episodes later. Once again, you have been sucked into the vortex of binge-watching. Once again, you have been sucked into the vortex of binge-watching. And sometimes, there are days…

Sit Down and Reflect: Meditation For Beginners

Carina Jaramillo Learn, Other

Sitting silently pondering their private feelings and thoughts feels strange for most people learning how to meditate. Just learning how to do nothing is a challenge! But no matter how strange it feels, beginners should remember that people have practiced meditation for thousands of years. Newcomers to the practice across the millennia have felt the same feelings but have worked…

Best and Worst States & Cities in the U.S. for Interior Designers

Darcy McGilvray Decor

Interior design is one of the largest industries in the U.S., growing and expanding at a swift rate. Making the inside of a home both beautiful and productive is important, and has been implemented as architectural development has progressed. But where can you be most successful as an interior designer?

The History of Bagpipes in Theater

Darcy McGilvray Other

We can all relate to hearing the unique sound of bagpipes as they are played. Emitting a particular kind of music, a sort of harmonic gust, people can easily identify the sound of bagpipes on the wind. Whether our first experience with this music is during a parade, a music festival, the Highland games, a historic film, or some other…

In-Wall Wiring – How To Do It Right!

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Technology

When it comes to electronics and technology, cables are an unavoidable hassle. There are many ways to disguise cables and wires, but nothing can beat the look of a wire-free room that in-wall wiring provides. And though it might seem like a daunting task, you definitely can complete your own in-wall wiring! Read on for tips and tricks for the…

A History of Movies in the USA

Bruce Tucker History, Movies

Everyone loves a good movie night. Films have been a part of our lives for well over a century now, and with increases in animation, technology, and computer-generated imagery, improvements to the film industry and quality of movies and TV shows seem boundless. But how did we get here? The history of film is a wide and fascinating topic and…

Movie-Watching Formats and Devices Over Time

Darcy McGilvray Film & TV, Technology

It’s no secret that the movie industry has made some incredible strides over the past century. Just by watching an old film, movie lovers are reminded of how far technology has come—from cell phones the size of bricks to plastic monsters terrorizing a stop motion set, on and off-screen technology has progressed rapidly. Though it is difficult to imagine a…

Art and Music in the Age of Enlightenment

Carina Jaramillo History, Learn

We have always relied on art and music for expression, but during the Age of Enlightenment, the gaudy gold style of art and architecture changed drastically, as composers steered music into a new era of classicalism and melodic harmonies.

A History of the Globe Theater

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

The Globe Theater brings to mind stage plays, Shakespeare, and London. It’s one of those classic theatrical buildings, taking its place among the likes of the Sydney Opera House, the Bolshoi, and the Palais Garnier. Theater and stage performances have long been important sources of entertainment and enjoyment, and Shakespeare has been a king of the realm of theatrics for…

TV Resolution Everything You Need to Know

Max Pinch Technology

When choosing a new TV for your home theater, there is a lot to consider, including your new device’s display resolution. However, you won’t often go to the consumer electronics store or search your favorite website with lines and pixels in mind! Instead, you’ll usually be thinking in terms of high definition (HD) or 4K ultra HD.

Building Customized Speakers & Making Wired Speakers Wireless

Darcy McGilvray Home Theater, Technology

When you’re creating a home theater space, there’s so much you can do to put a personal stamp on it. While you’ll spend a lot of time (and money!) on your TV, home theater seats, and your surround sound system, there’s still much you can do to customize your home theater. One of the most fun, rewarding, and cost-effective things…

Projectors vs Televisions: Which is Better for Your Media Room

Darcy McGilvray Home Theater, Technology

Whether you already have a dedicated home theater space or media room in your home, are looking to fill a wall or transform a space, buying a large screen TV or projector is a fantastic way to bring these areas of your property to life. If you’ve found yourself considering whether you should buy a projector or a TV, you’re…

HDTV Antenna Guide

Darcy McGilvray Technology

You’ll probably spend a significant sum of money on a TV and the rest of your home theater setup. Therefore, one of the most vital things is to ensure you can watch TV in the highest possible quality. Today, streaming services and your Blu-Ray player may make up most of your content consumption. Still, the last thing you want to…

A Guide to Speaker Wire

Darcy McGilvray Technology

Speaker wire: Does it matter? The answer is yes, especially if you are looking to have clear, amazing sound coming from your speakers. And who doesn’t want a crisp quality to the song you are jiving around to in the kitchen, or crystal-clear dialogue during your favorite movie? Understanding speaker wire and all its intricacies are essential to getting the…

Distinguishing Softwoods from Hardwoods

Darcy McGilvray Furniture

Contrary to popular belief, softwoods and hardwoods are not generally differentiated by their density or strength, as the name might suggest! It’s actually more about the trees the wood comes from than its physical structure. Basically, softwoods come from trees that tend to have needles and produce sap, while hardwoods are taken from broad-leaved or flowering trees.

Best and Worst Internet Access

Bruce Tucker Technology

The U.S. Cities with the Best and Worst Internet Access The internet is a powerful and omnipotent presence in modern society, and quarantines have only fueled its importance.In fact, Stanford research shows that a staggering 42% of the U.S. labor force was working from home in June of 2020. The ability to work from home has proven crucial in helping…

Home Theater Speaker Sound Calibration Guide

Max Pinch Home Theater, Technology

There is much that goes into setting up a home theater space. There’s no doubt buying a new TV or installing a projector system is exciting. You probably spent a lot of time deciding which option was best for you and considering which screen tech would deliver the most immersive experience. Enjoying incredible picture quality is only one part of…

History of Puppetry

Carina Jaramillo History, Theater

Puppetry is an ancient form of artistic expression that is a variation of storytelling or human theatrical productions. In puppetry, a drama unfolds that is entirely or primarily acted out by specialized representational objects, which are manipulated by a puppeteer. The human animator may or may not be visible to the audience. Cultural variations of puppetry developed independently in many…

HDMI Connector Guide

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Technology

HDMI cables and connectors are what most of us use to hookup our audio-visual devices to each other. Whether it's a Blu-Ray player, games console, set-top satellite, or cable box, pictures and sounds get from these devices and into your TV via the HDMI cable. Given the development of modern TV technology, you might even use HDMI converters for retro…

Foam Core vs Pocket Coils in Furniture-Which is Better

Carina Jaramillo Furniture, Learn, Technology

When choosing a new piece of furniture, whether it’s a chair, a sofa, or a home theater seat, there’s much to consider. Which room is your new piece of furniture going to call home? How does your new piece of furniture fit with your room décor? Where in your room will your new piece of furniture go? Does your new…

Home Theater Riser Guide

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater

When designing a home theater space for your home, maximizing viewing space is critical for ensuring viewers have an enjoyable experience. If you’re designing your home theater just for you, then you won’t have too much trouble getting exactly what you want. However, if you’re adding extra rows of home theater seating because you have a large family or will…

The Cultural Evolution of Theater

Bruce Tucker History, Learn, Theater

The theater has been present in various forms and cultures for at least 2,500 years. In many locations, theater as performance evolved from other ideas and customs, such as events honoring gods and mythical creatures. However, due to the enjoyment people got from performing and watching such displays, it didn’t take long for theatrical performance to develop into a standalone…

Ancient Roman Theater

Carina Jaramillo History, Learn

The history of Roman theater stretches far back into history. It is thought theatrical performances took place in ancient Rome from the 4th century BC, after the establishment of the Roman Republic. However, most of the earliest known examples of Roman theater come 200 – 300 years later, starting a period that stretches into the 3rd century CE, before the…

Bachelor Pad Ideas For Men

Bruce Tucker Decor, Home Theater

Bachelor pads are a lifestyle feature synonymous with any guy who lives alone. They’re often a status symbol from a masculinity perspective. The beauty of creating a male living space is that there’s no set-piece template about how it should look. Depending on your current living circumstances, you might be thinking about a bachelor pad in the context of renovating…

Standard Interior Door Sizes

Darcy McGilvray Decor, Home Theater, Other

Whether you’re finally creating the home theater space you’ve always wanted or undertaking another home improvement project, there’s much to consider before you begin. One of the biggest things to consider is how your rooms flow, which is where your interior doorways come into focus. Some specific spaces like a home theater might be “standalone” rooms that don’t need to…

Virtual Theater Experiences From Home

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Theater

Just because the COVID-19 pandemic means staying safe by social distancing doesn't mean that you can't enjoy different types of entertainment. You might not be able to go to the theater right now, but you can see a variety of performances from the comfort of your couch at home. Your media options are plentiful, including dance, music, drama, comedy, and…

Confused About QLED OLED LED vs LCD TVs

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Learn, Technology

Buying a new TV or setting up a home theater is exciting. However, it can also be confusing! There is so much choice when you go out to buy a TV these days. The world’s leading tech brands sell QLED, OLED, LED, and LCD TV’s. On top of that, you will often have a wide choice of extra features and…

Home Theater Glossary

Bruce Tucker Film & TV, Home Theater, Technology

Shopping for a new TV for your home theater is exciting. If you’re creating a home theater for the first time, it can also be confusing. Wanting a fantastic TV with a mind-blowing surround sound system doesn’t instantly turn you into a tech geek who understands all the terminology you’re about to encounter. DON'T WORRY! Our comprehensive home theater glossary…

Types of Furniture

Darcy McGilvray Furniture

Choosing furniture for your home can be exhilarating. Whether you’re renovating a specific space or are merely upgrading one or two tired old pieces of furniture, there’s nothing like giving your room a fresh look. At the same time, choosing furniture can be challenging.

Sofa Buying Guide

Bruce Tucker Decor, Furniture, Home Theater, Product Reviews

Buying a new sofa can be challenging. Whether you plan to shop for a new sofa online or head to the furniture store, it's easy to choose a sofa you think you'll love. However, it's equally easy to get that sofa into your house and decide it doesn't work with your décor! Avoid this scenario by carefully planning and figuring…

Space Planning

Bruce Tucker Furniture

We’ve all seen shows like Disaster DIY. How often does the “disaster” occur because someone started a project with no plan? Having an idea wasn’t enough. These people learned they should have had a plan to cover every aspect of their project. If you’re planning to revolutionize a space, you need to have a plan! Planning might sound tedious and…

Ancient Greek Drama & the Theater

Carina Jaramillo History, Theater

We can trace the history of theater as far back as 700BC and the Ancient Greek civilization. We even know that the Greeks enjoyed musicals! Sadly, we don't have the actual music or understand what compositions were most popular. However, we can still see how the Ancient Greeks' love of theater plays a part in the Broadway, and the West…

The History of Broadway Theater

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

The term Broadway is synonymous with theater. Playwrights aspire for their plays to become Broadway productions. Many actors who usually work in TV and film consider appearing in a Broadway show to be a career bucket list achievement. Many Broadway productions manage to transcend the theater and spawn globally popular songs or movie adaptations. Behind the glamour we all associate…


Bruce Tucker Technology

Most of us dream about owning our own private home theater complete with state-of-the-art technology capable of recreating the full cinema experience. If you are going that extra step and building one, soundproofing is going to be a key issue. To stay on the right side of the rest of the household - not to mention the neighbors - you…

A Guide to Leather Stain Removal

Carina Jaramillo Furniture, Learn

This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to remove stains from your leather furniture. Stains from egg and oil to blood and paint but the real trick to minimizing the risk of permanent damage is to be prepared. It is worth knowing a bit about how to care for your leather furniture on a day-to-day basis.

Spot Great Leather

Bruce Tucker Decor, Furniture

We all know that leather is one of the most prized fabrics for a wide range of practical items and fashion accessories, not least furniture upholstery. We also know that marketers go to great lengths to persuade buyers that their firm’s leather is the best. This can make it challenging to sort out your grades from your grains, your nubuck…

The Renaissance Era: A Guide to the Era, Important People, Theater, and Art

Ben LaFalce History

The Renaissance Era: A Guide to the Era, Important People, Theater, and Art Many people thought the world would end when the Black Death decimated Europe and Asia. To everyone's surprise, the world kept going, and culture experienced a rebirth. In Europe, that rebirth was called the Renaissance. Background of the Renaissance Era The Renaissance (approximately 1300-1600) was a boom…

Home Theater Amplifier Guide

Bruce Tucker Technology

A home theater amplifier (also known as an audio-visual receiver or simply an AVR) is a powerful piece of kit that combines amplifiers and digital signal processors to convert output from a range of source devices into high quality sound and video. In short, it is the hub of a home theater set up. Despite the popularity of compact soundbars,…

A Guide to Wireless Sound Systems

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Learn, Technology

Since the turn of the century, home theater surround sound systems have really taken off but, until now, this has invariably meant meters of speaker wire snaking across the floor between a central AVR amplifier and up to 19 spatially distributed speakers. Naturally, when the word 'wireless' pops up in connection with surround sound systems, home movie lovers prick up…

British Theatre History

Carina Jaramillo History, Learn, Theater

British theatre can trace its origins to the religious performances put on by church ministers in the 10th Century. These really took off from the mid 1300s when the churches used so-called 'mystery cycles' and 'miracle plays' to bring the obscure Latin Bible teachings and stories from the lives of the saints to the masses. This early form of theatre…

Basement Remodel Ideas

Bruce Tucker Decor, Furniture, Home Theater

Remodeling a basement can unleash huge potential, turning a bare, unloved space into many different types of room, enhancing quality of life while adding value to the home. Whether you have your sights set on a well-equipped home gym, a state-of-the-art home theater or a chic wine bar, this article has plenty of advice and inspiration for you. Before you…

Cinema History: Laurel and Hardy

Ben LaFalce Film & TV, History

Cinema History: Laurel and Hardy An overview of cinema history could never be complete without delving into the careers of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, otherwise known simply as Laurel and Hardy. This comedy duo claims top honors on many lists, and for good reason. Both comedians began successful solo stage and theater careers before teaming up as an act…

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home Theater Room?

Bruce Tucker Home Theater

It's a thought that a lot of movie lovers and sports fans will be having at the moment as they hunker down to isolate themselves for an increasing number of weeks – maybe months. For some, sharing a movie theater or sports bar with the general public may become a thing of the past altogether.

A Brief History of Women in Cinema

Ben LaFalce Film & TV, History

A Brief History of Women in Cinema Women were involved in moviemaking from the beginning of cinema history. Alice Guy-Blaché made her first film in Paris in 1896. Later that year, she directed The Cabbage Fairy, or La Fée aux Choux, which many film historians consider to be the first fictional narrative film ever made (other movies made before showed scenes…

Broadway Demographics

Carina Jaramillo Theater

Every week throughout the Broadway season, The Broadway League collects audience data from theater owners. These are used to compile an annual report which gives a fascinating insight into the character of the Broadway audience and any developing trends. This article summarises the highlights of the 2017/18 report.

Man Cave

Bruce Tucker Home Theater

Have you been dreaming of escaping to your very own man cave? Whether you've been hooked by browsing awesome garage man cave ideas online or are just crying out for a place to call your own, this guide is for you. It will take you through everything you need to consider from choosing a location and deciding on a theme…

The Young Actor’s Glossary

Ben LaFalce Theater

The Young Actor's Glossary An acting career can begin with a part in a school play. Nailing a character and delivering a memorable performance may be the first steps toward a profession in the performing arts. Anyone considering an acting career will need to know acting terms that describe scenes, staging, techniques, and delivering lines. Learning acting techniques takes study…

A Guide to Irish Dance Performances

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

Like many forms of folk dance, it can be divided into numerous regional and historical styles. Given England’s role in Irish history as an imperial ruling force, Irish dancing also has a history as an underground art form.

What is a Wall-Away Recliner?

Bruce Tucker Furniture

Wall-Hugger Recline A wall hugger recliner or sometimes referred to as a zero clearance recliner is a reclining chair that can be placed within a few inches of a wall and will still recline. The benefit of wall huggers is that they optimize the space available by allowing one to set the chairs close to walls. The reclining mechanism on…

The Grand HR

Ben LaFalce Furniture, Product Reviews

The Octane Grand HR Series sets the bar for pure furniture comfort. This motorized headrest style from Octane Seating is built with a thick plush memory foam core along with resilient fibers to deliver top-notch support. The Grand is upholstered in a vibrant top-grain Italian leather cover on all portions of the seating that you touch.

Making Videos, Cinema & Film

Ben LaFalce Film & TV

Working in the film or video industry can be very appealing for anyone who enjoys movies. Creative people who thrive on starting with a thought or idea and then developing it into a captivating story by means of video might be interested in the fields of cinematography and videography. Although these media fields have some similarities, there are also differences…

Guide to Stop Being A Couch Potato

Carina Jaramillo Theater

It's been a long day. You put in 8 hours at work. You got the kids off to school. And you got a meal prepared for your family. Now all you want to do is crash on your sofa, veg out and binge watch your favorite television series. With a day like this, it does not leave much time for…

2019 Top 25 Blu-Ray Sales

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

Struggling to decide what to watch this weekend in your new home theater?  Why not consider premium quality with a blu-ray movie that can be enjoyed with the whole family.  Blu-ray film is an essential element in any home theater.  You have made an effort to build your room and add a big screen with luxurious seating, so now the…

All About Leather Match

Carina Jaramillo Furniture, Learn, Other

What is a leather match?  This is a question you might ask when you see that option available on leather furniture today and we thought we would set the record straight.  'Leather Match' represents furniture that is made with both genuine pieces of leather on specific portions of the seating and a perfect synthetic match on other portions.  In general,…

Importance of Ergonomic Seating

Carina Jaramillo Decor, Furniture

How you sit at your desk at work and at home can make a big difference in your long-term health. Many years ago, people did not understand the importance of ergonomics and good posture. But as more studies have been done and more data is released, it is becoming obvious that the working conditions we experience in our younger years…

Musical Glossary for Kids

Carina Jaramillo Theater

Do you want to be the next Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky? How about Leontyne Price? If you have a love or talent for music, nurture it by learning music terminology and theory! The symbols and diagrams may look hard, but with study and practice, you will come to learn how each fits into a composition. Music and theater are so powerful and it is time…

Internet Resources for Music, Theater and Dance

Carina Jaramillo Theater

The following list is by no means complete, but it is a great jumping off point for anybody who is looking to study music, theater, dance, and the performing arts in general more in depth. These databases and organizations offer a plethora of information on all aspects of the arts from theater seating to sheet music to dissertations. Performing Arts…

Origin of the Theater Organ

Carina Jaramillo History, Theater

Many people are familiar with the deep tones and heady hum of organ music. Whether experienced in a choral setting or orchestral venue, the organ has a unique and resonating voice. As a descendant of the original reed instruments of ancient music, the organ enjoys a colorful history of use and innovation—and possibly none more than the theater organ, in…

History of Silent Movies

Carina Jaramillo Learn, Movies

Entertainment today takes many different forms and formats. Today we can enjoy listening to an endless supply of music right from our phone. We can also enjoy watching television and movies in wide screen, high definition formats in the comfort of our couch or recliner. And, even going to the movies is now an entertainment experience with comfortable chairs, food…

The Theatrical Works of Gilbert and Sullivan

Ely History, Theater

In the late 19th Century, the duo of Gilbert and Sullivan wrote several operas that are as popular today as they were when they were written and performed. Gilbert and Sullivan operas have been produced on stages throughout the world as well as a favorite for televised and motion picture operas. W.S. Gilbert was the word/story guy of the partnership…

Review Music Blogs

Carina Jaramillo Other

The team has once again composed a list of the best blogs in music, this time focussing on the heavily-stamped ground of music reviews. We provide the unique sites below in one simple location for your review and enjoyment, while at the same time using the opportunity to award each for their fine writing skills and services to the sprawling…

Dedicated Home Theater vs Media Room

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

You may find that you have finally made room in your house for a room that can be devoted entirely to entertainment. What to do? Do you create a dedicated home theater or a media room? What is the difference between the two and how can you decide what works best for you and your family. Dedicated Home Theater or…

The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Lane

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

Berkline closed its doors over a year ago, but the legendary mark that they made in the furniture industry still lives on. Shortly after Berkline’s exit, Lane Furniture bought the rights to some of the best Berkline theater seat models and now produces an amazing hybrid of the two. There may be a few Berkline Furniture models out there in…

Palliser Pacifico vs Octane Turbo

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

When you are designing your home theater, one of the most important and expensive decisions you will make is in regards to seating. There are several different options available to the home theater owner, and the choice is entirely personal; however, there are several key features that should be considered when reviewing theater seating options for your personal use. Quality…

Octane Product Comparison Chart

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LHR and HR Series The LHR and the HR Series have top of the line features that promote comfort and wellness throughout the entire body. The LHR has both motorized lumbar and headrest, and the HR Series has motorized headrest only. Both the LHR and HR series models come with power recline  and USB chargers included. XL Series The XL…

Theater Inspirations: Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Lin-Manual Miranda is famous for his achievements in music composition and lyrics, and the creation of some of the most popular musicals on Broadway. He was born in 1980 in New York City to Luis and Luz Miranda and in the Manhattan neighborhood known as Inwood. A poem was written by José Santiago about the Vietnam war, Nana roja para…

A Look at Designer Theater Seats

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Selecting your luxury theater room seats and furniture is the most important step in building the theater room of your dreams. Once you have decided on a theme, color, spacing, viewing and audio technology, it is time to go online and select premium seating to complete the picture. Bass Industries Bass industries offer luxury seating for the finest home and…

Your Favorite Team in Your Home Theater

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For the serious fan, football is not a hobby it is a lifestyle. It’s no coincidence that football games are on Sunday morning, it is providence. For the football faithful, the big game is nothing short of a religious experience and the home theater is the chapel to the grid-iron Gods. More and more stations are broadcasting games in high-definition,…

Not your grandpa’s leather recliner!

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Do you have fond memories of your father or grandfather spending quality time with the family from his favorite oversized leather recliner? It was a coveted spot in the house, forbidden, except perhaps when you curled up in his lap to watch an evening television program or afternoon ball game after a Sunday dinner. It was probably his favorite spot…

All About Off Broadway Theater

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New York City is a very exciting place. For many people, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building come to mind when they think of New York. For others, their minds turn to Broadway and the talent that is showcased there. What is unknown to much of the general public is that the great city of New York…

The Superstitions of Theater

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It's common knowledge that there are many superstitions in the world of theater. Most people know that an actor will say "break a leg" to another actor instead of wishing the person good luck. But why do actors avoid saying "good luck" on opening night? Consider the history behind the phrase "break a leg" along with other superstitions that are…

Writing for Theater and Film

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The world of entertainment has been around for centuries. From traveling circuses to modern art museums, rock concerts, Shakespeare plays, and the silver screen, Americans are obsessed with the entertainment industry. In our digital society, we are able to take in more of our favorite stars on and off the screen, especially with the advent of the Internet and social…

A Complete Guide to Buying Theater Seating Online

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In a world of convenience and home delivery, it seems that anything can be purchased online. And when it comes to setting up your home theater, it is no different. When you are considering your entertainment layout, selecting the perfect seating for your movie nights is a crucial part of the final outcome.

The Anatomy of A Violin

Darcy McGilvray Learn, Theater

Music has been an important part of human existence since the very beginning. From early percussive instruments and vocal chorus, people have bonded and come together over the magic of music and song. With the evolution of more complex musical instruments, such as horns and stringed instruments, the world of music continued to expand across more cultures.

Making the Perfect Theater Costume: A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

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Creating a theater costume can be quite the task for an advanced sewer, let alone a beginner who is just starting to learn the tools and tricks of the trade; however, with a little research and practice, even beginners can create accurate and impressive theatrical costumes. Before beginning to create a theater costume, thorough research should be conducted to understand…

Kabuki Theater

Bruce Tucker History

Kabuki, a type of Japanese theater, has had the ability to take you to another world and time since the year 1600. While William Shakespeare was in his prime in England, a new type of theater was beginning in Japan. There are many different stories of its inception, but there seems to be one common theme. The most common tale…

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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On Friday April 14, 1865, the United States of America was shocked when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The president was at Ford's Theater attending a play called Our American Cousin, and he was assassinated by an actor named John Wilkes Booth. But John Wilkes Booth was no ordinary actor at Ford's Theater. Booth was a highly respected actor who used his…

Singing In Theater

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For singers and actors, whether professional or amateur, proper vocal training can make all the difference to outstanding performances. Familiarize yourself with all that proper vocal training entails, from warm-up exercises to physiology, from finding a coach to tuning your "instrument". Warm Up A "warm-up" is just as important for singers as it is for athletes. You wouldn't run a…

Theater Superstitions: The Scottish Play

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Macbeth is considered to be one of Shakespeare's greatest plays. It's also, however, widely regarded as one of his most unlucky. Accidents, injuries, and catastrophe seem to plague productions of this play wherever it is performed. The high number of misfortunes associated with the play has given rise to the belief that a curse haunts Macbeth. Actors, audiences, and fans…

The Role of Theremin in Theater & Musical Performance

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Every once in a while, a musical instrument is developed that has a sound that defines an entire era. In 1928, an inventor named Leon Theremin patented a device that would be one of the few musical instruments that is played without the musician ever having to touch it. The device was originally called the etherphone, after the method it…

Guide to Dramaturgy

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Though not many are familiar with the role of a dramaturg, their function is vitally important to the theater. While the role of a dramaturg may differ from one theater to the next, one aspect remains the same: research. A dramaturg is a point of contact for directors and playwrights (dramatists) as they research multiple aspects of a play. There…

Home Theater Ergonomics – Entertain in Style and Comfort

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Ergonomics is a science and a discipline that involves the designing of an environment, such as a home or office that best fits the individual. The process of design includes the evaluation of the equipment as well as the task or job so the environment best suits the person using it. In ergonomic studies, workers and the way they correlate…

The History of Film and Motion-Picture Theater

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A night at the movies has become the standard for first dates and family nights all over the country. Movies allow us to escape our problems and get lost in a world of imagination. Movies can also help to memorialize an important person or event so we never forget the past. Our history is chronicled by the movies made by…

Designing the Perfect Home Theater

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When the laser disc was introduced in the 1980s, people started to pair up their crisp, new picture with stereo sound to create a viewing experience unlike any other. As time has gone by, home theater technology has evolved, and people can now enjoy a full cinema experience in their homes. There are several steps that go into creating the…

Most Expensive Home Stereos

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When it comes to home music sound systems, many Americans simply deal with the poor sound quality of a flat screen television, or, if they’re feeling wealthy, spend about $200 on modest improvements. However, there are people in the world – musicians, sound enthusiasts, or perhaps billionaires – willing to spend an exorbitant amount on the most expensive speakers or…

Fractured Fairy Tale Theater Resources

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Fairy tales are usually based on folklore. They deliver a story designed on a framework of common characteristics. For example, a fairy tale might tell the story of a distressed damsel waiting for a knight in shining armor to save her. Oftentimes, the knight's sidekick supports the mission and proves indispensable. Included are usually fairies, giants and other folk-based creatures.…’s Guide To Nursery Rhymes And Songs

Carina Jaramillo Other

As a kid, nothing beats singing along to a nursery rhyme or song, especially before bed time. Nursery rhymes and songs refer to a wide range of poems that you can read or sing aloud. The poems tell stories meant to entertain or teach you how to read, speak, and count. Many nursery rhymes and songs have words in them…

Crafts You Can Do at Home

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With multiple options for crafting at home, individuals with a little creativity can complete hundreds of different projects. The first step is always gathering up the necessary materials and deciding what type of craft to complete. From there, the possibilities are endless. Both quilting and knitting are used to make everything from blankets to clothing, scarves and potholders. Jewelry making…

Mythology in the Theater

Carina Jaramillo History

The origin of theater remains shrouded in secrecy. Archaeologists have uncovered sparse information regarding the origin of theater. The little information uncovered comes from ancient artifacts, wall paintings, decorations, and hieroglyphics. All of these ancient recordings tell of successful hunts, life cycles, seasonal changes, and myths about the gods. These historical findings explain how ancient peoples passed along their experiences…

A History of the Symphony Orchestra

Bruce Tucker History

The symphony orchestra is a type of music ensemble that has lasted and evolved throughout centuries. Classical musicians have been studied for years, thanks to their many contributions to the symphony orchestra and music history as a whole. The instrument classes of the orchestra include brass, woodwind, string and percussion. The composition of the orchestra has been largely unchanged throughout…

A History of Opera Theater

Bruce Tucker History

Opera is a form of art that involves singing, drama and heavy scenery. Some opera pieces include dance numbers and entire orchestras. This form of art is respected for its longevity and complexity, as it began toward the latter parts of the 16th century. Its roots trace back to Europe, the country of Italy in particular. The term opera literally…

Piano in the Theater

Carina Jaramillo Learn

One of the most popular musical instruments that delivers the perfect sound associated with classical and jazz music is the piano. This instrument comes with a keyboard, pedals, padded hammers and strings that produce pleasing musical notes when tapping the keys on the keyboard. The piano is actually a keyboard instrument and the musical sounds come from the strings and…

Guide to Film Festivals and Movie Competitions

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Since 1932, film festivals have been a major draw for artists and audiences alike. Now, there are hundreds of film festivals around the world, and they range in size from small town productions to major cultural attractions. Emerging filmmakers send their films to whichever festivals their work will qualify for, and festival organizers sift through thousands of screeners to determine…

All About Ventriloquism Theater

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Ventriloquism is the art of throwing one's voice, or speaking without letting the lips move. It is letting your voice speak through an effigy, or an inanimate object such as a wooden doll or a puppet that you take control of through dialect and movement. When entertaining, the entertaining artist does the talking in reality, but it appears that the…

Ancient Roman Entertainment: Gladiatorial Games

Carina Jaramillo History

Although historians are not sure why exactly gladiator games began in Ancient Rome, they do believe that it was likely related to funeral services. Originally the gladiator games were probably carried out as a tribute to the recently dead person. Gradually that connection must have been lost and it became a standard part of the culture's entertainment. We know that at least…

A Guide to Movie Sound Systems

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Theater-quality sound draws the viewer into the action. Advancements in movie sound systems make the audio in a movie seem real. Smashing glass as cars crash, the jarring boom of an explosion, or even a musical accompaniment during a touching scene sets the mood. There are five sound systems used to transfer the sounds from the movie to the audience.…

A Guide to Movie Censorship and Ratings

Bruce Tucker History, Movies

When it comes to today's movie industry, it isn't uncommon to hear the use of profanities or see scenes of violence, drug usage, and even nudity on the big screen - this has not always been acceptable. There has been a long history of controversy and conflict about what should or should not be seen or said in movies. Concerns…

A Theater Guide To Little Red Riding Hood

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A CLOSE LOOK AT THE CLASSIC STORY & IT'S VARIATIONS The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy tale for children. In fact, it has been popular for a very long time. The earliest version of the story was recorded as far back as the 10th century in France! Over the years, Little Red Riding Hood was…

Your Guide to Japanese Theater

Carina Jaramillo Theater

The dramatic arts in Japanese culture have developed through the years into many different genres. The variations in approaches can be attributed to the unique culture that each style was formed in, and the audiences that viewed and supported them. Modern Japanese theater can be traced back to Noh, but it also has roots in Kabuki and Bunraku. Japanese theater…

Choosing the Best Home Theater Recliner

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Now that you have made the choice to enhance your in-home viewing experience with one or more home theater recliners, you need to make some new decisions. Do you want luxurious leather or durable microfiber upholstery? Do you want options like a Buttkicker, power recline or lighted cup holders? Before you give up and go back to sitting on your…

A Guide to Ballet Theater

Carina Jaramillo Theater

The seemingly effortless grace and elegance of ballet dancers, coupled with the ethereal costumes, have long provided a breath-taking form of entertainment for the public. Ballet has been around for much longer than most of us realize. It originated in Italy during the Renaissance period. There, the earliest forms of ballet were practiced in the royal courts, as a form…

Bringing Entertainment Closer to Home Advancements in Home Entertainment

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Home entertainment has seen significant advancements in the last decade. From the advent of high-definition television (HDTV), Blu-ray Disc (BD), home theater in-a-box, DVD recorders, TiVO and DVRs, HDMI, the digital projector, network media players and extenders, home media servers, DTV, LED, and tactile motion control. Each advancement has contributed to a more easy-going and entertaining home theater room experience.…

Increase the Value of Your Home with an Updated Entertainment Room

Peter Goldstein Decor, Home Theater

Property value is extremely important, especially when it comes time to sell. Improving the value of your home will attract more buyers. Increasing property value typically means that money will need to be spent on improvements, repairs, and other various projects. Because of cost, many homeowners will hold off on making the necessary changes. Fortunately, homeowners do not have to…

Meet Oscar, Theater’s Greatest Critic

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The Oscar, also known as the Academy Award, is an annual award given to many different people in the film industry including actors, actresses, directors, producers, screenwriters, and many others. These awards are given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is a conglomeration of professionals who judge films based on different criteria. Each year, the Oscars…

DIY Home Theater Design

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Product Reviews

Designing and building your own home theater can be a fun process whether you have experience in design and decorating or not. Your imagination, budget constraints and the space available are the only limits when it comes to designing and creating your home theater. The money you spend on your home theater design and the system is often recouped from…

Theater Acoustic Ecology

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Technology

A musician named R. Murray Schafer developed the concept of acoustic ecology. He proposed that we should attempt to hear the natural acoustics around us as a composition of music. It is a major concern that our acoustic ecology is deteriorating. Human created sounds are drowning out the sounds of nature and are affecting wildlife both on land and in…

Setting Up Home Theater Acoustics

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People try to find different ways to relieve themselves from the daily stresses of life. One of these stress relievers involves cuddling next to a loved one on a couch and watching a movie. A sound system can provide that desired getaway within the privacy of their own home. Some people may want to install a home theater system for…

Home Theater Solutions: Does Blu-Ray Really Make a Difference?

Bruce Tucker Technology

While there are a number of ways in which people can obtain entertainment, watching a television program, movie, or playing a video game are considered by many individuals to be some of the most popular. Many people rely on the use of a DVD player for their home entertainment. While a DVD player can produce satisfactory results for some, others…

Entertainment on Any Budget – Economical Home Entertainment

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Many people save the movie-going experience for those special movies that require the big screen to watch. Instead of watching every movie that comes out in the theater—at the theater—many people opt to watch those movies at home. Not every movie made requires the big movie screen unless, of course, the movie has a great plot and lots of special…

How to Install a Home Theater System

Bruce Tucker Home Theater

A home entertainment theater is a perfect place for friends and family to gather and enjoy a great movie at home. Imagine the money saved on movie tickets, drinks, and snacks. It is no secret that movie theater seating can be a little uncomfortable sometimes and a home theater can provide a more comfortable experience. The benefits of a home…

3D Entertainment Will Have You Jumping Out of Your Theater Seat

Carina Jaramillo Movies, Technology

When the movie Avatar hit the movie screens in December of 2009 and became the single largest grossing film of all time, theater seats quickly filled up and generated over $2 billion in ticket sales. After the phenomenal success of Avatar, with its computer-generated graphics and 3D imaging, other filmmakers once again embraced 3D technology. But 3D technology isn't new—far…

Theater Inspirations: William Shakespeare

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BARD AND HIS LEGACY The mystery behind the 16th century Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, is just as strong in the 21st century as it was in times past. Much of the mystery is based on the fact there is little biographical or personal history available to rely upon. Though facts surrounding Shakespeare’s birth and…

How to Design Your Own Staycation

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Fluctuating economies have caused a flurry of belt-tightening within personal budgets across the U.S. More and more, households are limiting nonessentials and decreasing leisure costs. A top example is the traditional annual vacation. With rising prices all around, it’s no wonder than even a standard weeklong trip away is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many. In lieu of that, several alternatives…

Designing Your Home Theater

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Technology

Three-quarters of all adults would rather watch a movie at home than in a theater, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Group. Today's home theaters range from a simple flat-screen and some recliners to elaborate, custom-designed theaters like the $6,000,000 one that Jeremy Kipnis of Kipnis Studios designed and built for himself. While you may not have…

Seating for Spine Health

Bruce Tucker Furniture, Other

The spine is a strand of vertebrae that runs from the skull to the lower back, encasing the spinal cord and providing stability and support to the thoracic cavity. Unfortunately, the spine is also considered by experts to be one of the most abused parts of the body. Maintaining good spine health is not only important for the prevention of…

Theater: The Life and Works of Ed Wood

Carina Jaramillo History, Movies

Throughout history there have been many film directors that have been celebrated for the high-quality of their work. Directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg are among those considered the greatest film directors of all-time. However, on the opposite end of the scale, there is a director who is “celebrated” for the low-quality of his work. That…

Play Time Guide: Creating Puppet Theater at Home

Bruce Tucker Theater

Making a puppet theater can be one of the most fascinating and enjoyable activities for children. Theaters need not be difficult to construct and examples range from a simple curtain to a sturdy and long-lasting wooden creation. Making puppets is an amusing task and the type of puppet dictates the form of the theater. Puppets can be simple, such as…

The Theater Organ: Then and Now

Carina Jaramillo Theater

One of the lesser-known musical instruments is the theater organ, a massive instrument consisting of pipes, keyboards, and pedals. The pipes are sold in sets called ranks, with each set of pipes producing similar pitches and timbres. It took thousands of years to develop this instrument, as inventors faced the challenge of having to pressurize air and force it through…

A Guide to Improvisational Theater

Bruce Tucker History

Improvisational theater, or improv, consists of a comedic, poignant, or dramatic stage performance, usually with a wide cast of actors and actresses. These actors and actresses will use spontaneous acting techniques, including audience suggestions to contribute to the performance's content and direction. In other words, the cast erratically formulates the dialogue, setting, and plot without a formal rehearsal. Improvisation performers…

Theater Seats Be Filled! Make Your High School Performance a Success

Bruce Tucker Theater

Students who wish to pursue an acting career can consider the performing arts as an outlet towards that development. Theater presents many opportunities for students to overcome fears and create unbreakable bonds with other like-minded students. While many question if the performing arts should be offered in grade school, some proponents suggest that it aids in building confidence and social…

It’s Time For Muppet Theater!

Carina Jaramillo Theater

Remember Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy's love affair? How about Fozzie Bear and his joke-telling? There is a resurgence of Muppet theater lately thanks to the recent release of a new Muppet movie aptly titled, “The Muppets.” Kermit, Miss Piggy and all the other Muppet characters are an example of puppetry. Puppetry is the act of giving inanimate objects…

Enriching The Minds Of Our Youth: The Importance of Theater Education

Bruce Tucker Theater

Given an ailing economy and the ever-increasing cost of entertainment, it can sometimes be difficult to justify to yourself spending money on events rather than groceries. This is especially true when deciding whether or not to bring your family to the movies or to a sporting event, during which there is no guarantee of the quality of entertainment. The movie could be…

An Annotated History of the Vaudeville Theater

Carina Jaramillo History, Theater

Theater in the United States has long been one of the most popular and ever-evolving entertainment sectors. Considering it from the earliest beginnings to today’s Broadway spectacles, the theater is an exceedingly important part of people’s lives—from authors and actors to audience members and enthusiasts. We might be familiar with the earliest origins of theater, including the amphitheaters of the…

The Impact of Theatre Design

Bruce Tucker Theater

The aesthetics (artistic qualities) of a theater are often as important as the production taking place therein. There is something transformative about a proscenium arch built in the 1930s, or even the stark emptiness of the Black Box theater, that can change the entire mindset of an audience before a single note of an overture is played, before a single line…

Theater, Dance and Music: A Guide to Performing Arts

Bruce Tucker Theater

Dating back to 8500 B.C. performing arts have been a popular art form for many cultures. They include a variety of arts such as dance, theater, musical performance, operas and more. Performing arts are based on employing a person’s face, body and presence as the performance medium. This is the opposite of plastic arts, where one uses materials such as…

Theater or Theatre? Differences Between US and British English

Carina Jaramillo Other

Although American English originated from British English, even a casual observer would be able to tell that there is a world of difference between the two dialects today. British English first spread in the West when Britain started to colonize parts of America in the early 1600s. Over the next few centuries, the language gradually evolved to accommodate local differences…

Your Backstage Pass to Theater Resources

Bruce Tucker Theater

THEATER HISTORY The history of the theater can be traced back to the past 2500 years. The theater’s history is mainly concerned with the start of and the consequential development of the theater as an independent entity. Since the time of classical Athens in the 6th century BCE, many traditions of theater have sprung up in various parts of the…

Fairy Tale Resources for Every Toddler, Kid and Adult

Carina Jaramillo Other

Fairy tales, a type of short narrative featuring folkloric icons, including gnomes, tolls, elves, goblins, witches, magic, and other forms of enchantment, generally present a belief in supernatural phenomena and may herald underlying moral lessons. Fairy tales also carry a connotation of happiness, especially when addressed in a romantic context. Depending on the geographical origin, some fairy tales merge into…

The Life and Career of Marilyn Monroe

Bruce Tucker Film & TV, History

Many people are familiar with the image of Marilyn Monroe the actress—the blonde bombshell who sashayed across the silver screen of old Hollywood, leaving a trail of gawking men behind her. Indeed, for a great number of the movies she starred in, this was the character archetype that she was cast in: the dumb blonde. However, Monroe was much more…

Theater and Technology: Learning About Digital Storytelling

Bruce Tucker Other, Theater

Digital storytelling allows a person to convey a story with the help of today's technology. Some of the common elements of a digital story are music, images, narration, and a script. A documentary is one entertaining example of digital storytelling. A documentarian may use photographs, voice overs, and music to tell the story of a famous person or historical event.…

Palliser Product Comparison Chart

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

With so many choices, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right Palliser home theater seats to fit your needs. Fortunately, this theater seating review and product comparison gives you all of Palliser's home theater seating products at a glance. Palliser model differences vary between different seats and cover the gamut from wall hugging designs to bucket style seating. Whether…

Online Guide to the History of Theater

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

The terminology ‘theater’, meaning ‘a place for viewing’, originated in Ancient Greece some 5,000 years back. Theater is a branch of performing arts that focuses on live performances by actors, which creates a self-contained drama. Since its inception, theater has taken many forms that involve dance, gestures, and pantomime combined with various other performing arts to portray a single artistic…

All the World’s a Stage: A Guide to Theater and Performance Studies

Bruce Tucker History, Theater

Humans have celebrated theater, dance, music and other performance arts for centuries. Despite its prevalence in society, it is curious that performance studies have only gained popularity in the last few decades. Its swift growth has granted performance arts students the opportunity to specialize in the field of their choice. Explore these areas with this guide to the main disciplines…

A Guide to Reader’s Theater

Bruce Tucker History

Reader's Theater is a school activity in which a presenter reads in front of an audience. Similar to theater, the presenter reads the script with expressions, emotions and voice-modulation. But, in contrast with a theater, the presenter doesn't learn his or her lines. The presenter performs the play by using non-verbal communication i.e. voice, facial expressions, and gestures. In a…

The Best Deals on Broadway and West End Theater Tickets

Carina Jaramillo Theater

London’s West End and Manhattan’s Broadway turn over roughly $1bn in annual ticket sales each, and this figure has grown over the last two decades. Clearly, the appeal of a night out to see a professional show isn’t set to wane any time soon. Some go to the theater more often than they do the cinema, while for others it’s…

All about 3D in Home Theater

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Technology

When Avatar exploded the screens last year, the box office smash took $2.7bn worldwide and became the highest-grossing movie ever and by a gigantic margin. Not only was James Cameron’s visual extravaganza a financial success, but it heralded a new era in 3D technology (and while it certainly wasn’t the first 3D movie, it was the behemoth that really made…

When Space is an Issue

Bruce Tucker Furniture, Home Theater

So you have built the world's greatest 'man cave', loaded to the brim with all the electronic bells and whistles that any home theater enthusiast would die for. You have the perfect projector, playing the perfect movie from the perfect speakers, with lighting that makes you think you should have done this kind of thing for a living!  Ok, so…

The Cost of Going to the Movies

Carina Jaramillo Film & TV, Movies

We all tend to enjoy going to the cinema, and watching our favorite films on a great big screen. But with the costs soaring, could it be worthwhile investment indulging yourself in a home theater? We take a look at how the prices compare... Home Theater Seating How Much Do Recliners Sell For Reclining Theater Seating Theater Style Seating Recliners…

Truly Unethical Furniture and More

Carina Jaramillo Furniture

Where do you draw the line as to how much of an animal should be used for our gain? That doesn't just mean what we eat – but what we wear and even what we sit on. We as human beings have had a history of hunting for our own needs, wants and gains – many have conflicting ideas about…

How to Clean & Make Furniture Last

Bruce Tucker Decor, Furniture

Creating a home theater is no small investment. The combination of a big-screen TV, speakers, installation/set-up, furniture, and decorations can cost thousands of dollars. In order to get the most years out of your furniture, you must know how to clean furniture correctly and keep it in great condition with these easy maintenance ideas. Clean Leather Furniture Leather is usually…

Movie Franchises That Refuse to Die

Carina Jaramillo Film & TV, Movies

Be it through lack of fresh ideas or trying to cash in on nostalgia, the last few years have seen a number of critically panned movie sequels and remakes grace our screens. Many titles are simply unoriginal rehashes with the lead role recast with a popular face, and deservedly flop at the box office. Others breathe new life into a… Furnishes Select Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater Stores

Carina Jaramillo Press Release is furnishing select Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater stores nationwide with home theater chairs which are exclusively sold by TheaterSeatStore. TheaterSeatStore has also joined Best Buy’s Reward Zone Loyalty Program and is offering 3 Reward Zone points for each $1 spent at Golden CO — February 11, 2010 — is furnishing various Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:…

Building Home Theater Comfort, Lighting, Seating, and Sound

Carina Jaramillo Learn, Theater

Comfort is king when it comes to your home theater. There is an exact science developed to help maximize comfort for you and your audience. While we do not have the time to go through everything you should be considering when designing your home theater seating, lighting, and sound, we can offer you a few tips to help you avoid major catastrophes…

A Brief History of Home Theater

Bruce Tucker History, Home Theater

Our ears are built to listen to the sound coming towards us from all angles. This sound is used by our bodies to even decode dimensions and distance as well as directional information. The Good Old Days of Stereo Traditional home theater setups included two speakers placed in front of us to the left and to the right to try…

Trends in Leather Sectionals

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

Bonded leather is the single biggest trend impacting the leather sectional market. Modern leather sectionals that previously cost several thousand dollars can now be purchased for less than half that cost due to the economies provided by bonded leather. There is also a strong introduction into the modern sectional market of smaller, more down-sized pieces that better accommodate condominium lifestyles.…

Tips for Hosting Your Own Movie Night

Bruce Tucker Movies

Ready to show off that impressive home theater you spent the last year building? Well a popular option is to gather some friends and family together for a movie night. There are a couple elements to make your movie night truly impressive. Below we have listed some tips that will make your home theater movie night, a night to remember.…

How Good Is Your Furniture Warranty

Bruce Tucker Furniture

You've fallen in love with an upholstered sofa or chair and you're ready to make a purchase. But wait! Have you checked the warranty? A good warranty can mean the difference between buying with confidence... and taking your chances. We've come a long way from the old days of "let the buyer beware!" when it comes to buying products in…

A Look at Home Theater Seating Options

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Product Reviews

Conventional Household Home Theater Seating Conventional household home theater seating consists of the everyday common household seating options. Sofas, loveseats, and other usual living room options can all be considered conventional household home theater seating. Surprisingly, a large percentage of home theaters utilize this type of home theater seating. It is a convenient and cost-effective option as users can simply…

Home Theater Seating Essentials

Bruce Tucker Furniture, Home Theater

The majority of home theater buyers focus their attention and their budget on the equipment that make up their entertainment system like the latest projection or screen equipment, surround sound speakers and other cutting-edge audio and visual equipment. Most buyers overlook an absolutely essential element to their viewing experience—home movie theater seating. The importance of movie theater chairs, sofas and…

Fixed Seating For Commercial Theater Clients

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

Whether you own a public cinema, auditorium, church, or any other corporation seeking theater seats, the Theater Seat Store can help. Our team of specialists can fulfill any sized order with volume pricing discounts and most special requests. Selecting seating for your business is an important decision. Our teams of experts have listed a few best practices to guide you through this…

It’s Not ‘Just a Chair’ Anymore

Bruce Tucker Decor, Product Reviews, Technology

Just like traditional living room furniture, home theater chairs and sofas come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But the biggest difference in home theater furniture is the number of ways you can enhance the entertainment experience! (And we're talking about a LOT more than just cup holders, ladies, and gentlemen.) Power Recline Maybe it's not the newest feature,…

Top Sofas For Your Media Room

Bruce Tucker Home Theater, Product Reviews

Finding the perfect couch for you media room can be difficult. This article discusses 6 great media room couches that are proud to recommend to their customers for their media rooms. These include the Octane Turbo XL700, the Fortress Solo, the Octane Mega, the Palliser Motivo Collection and the Palliser Shields Collection. The Octane Turbo XL700 Collection The Octane…

Amateur Home Theater Design Mistakes

Carina Jaramillo Decor, Featured, Home Theater

Let's face it; most of us are amateurs when it comes to creating and designing home theaters. Few of us are lucky enough to have built a home movie theater more than once in our lives. We believe it is always less expensive and less frustrating to learn from other's mistakes than your own, that's why we have listed below the…

Relieve Home Theater Buying Frustration

Bruce Tucker Home Theater

Buying a home theater should be a fun experience especially if you love the latest technology and gadgets that are available, yet often the home theater buying experience can be frustrating. Home theater equipment is often expensive and if you are not a technical person it is easy to make mistakes that cost you time, money and effort. Below we…

Ultimate Fan Home Theaters

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If you considered yourself an ultimate fan then a team branded home theater may be an option for your home theater. Theater Seat Store offers several professional and college sporting team themed seats for your home theater. Below we have outlined a few ways to express your team loyalty through your home theater. Here are just a few ideas, there…

5 Movies Made for Your Home Theater

Bruce Tucker Movies

Now that your home theater is up and running, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. What are the best movies to test drive your new impressive high-tech toy? Relax in your new home theater seating and let us walk you through our recommendations of a DVD experience that should be unmatched. Below we have listed our…

5 Tips to Select Great Home Theater Seating

Carina Jaramillo Featured, Learn

HOME THEATER LOUNGER AND SOFA PLACEMENT Looking to create the best home theater seating experience possible? Consider that the positioning of your theater furniture can be the single most important aspect of your home theater. There is an entire art of strategically designing the layout of your room so that all of your viewers have a superior entertainment experience. Experts…

Accomodating the Crowd: Tips to Select the Perfect Home Theater Seating

Carina Jaramillo Home Theater, Product Reviews

When building a home theater or movie theater it is important to keep in mind the size of your family or the audience you plan to entertain. There are several elements to consider when designing home theatre seating for multiple people. Buyers should keep these elements in mind when deciding among the traditional options of movie theater sectionals, sofas, loungers…

Best Television Shows Produced For Home Theaters

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Broadcasting television shows in high-definition is becoming a standard across the industry. Most shows are available in high-definition but not all shows are made equal when it comes to home theater performance. If you are planning on taking your home theater for a test drive you should tune in to the following television shows that are designed with your home…

Finishing Touches on Your Home Theater

Carina Jaramillo Decor, Home Theater

After countless hours of research and shopping, you have finally installed the audio and visual equipment for the ultimate home theater and now it is time to accessorize. A few inexpensive touches can turn your home theater from simple to spectacular. There are a lot of accessories available for your home theater. Below we have listed a few ideas you…

Measuring and Designing the Perfect Home Theater Layout

Bruce Tucker Featured, Home Theater

Building your own home theater space can be one of the most exciting and rewarding home improvement projects you ever undertake. But how do you get started planning out your home theater dimensions and figuring out how to configure the room? Not only is it worth considering the spacing between seating rows, but you’ll also want to think about the…

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