Hotel Furniture Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

02 Mar.,2023


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Hotel furniture is a broad area to cover. There is plenty to think about and so many rooms that need different types of furniture to fill. To help, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know when buying furniture for a hotel.

Hotel furniture - buying basics:

What types of hotel furniture do you need?

Buying hotel furniture for the rooms, reception, restaurant and additional areas can be a daunting task. It’s important to plan the process in advance so that you know what’s needed and how much furniture will fit into each space. Find out how to get it right with hotel furniture. 

Hotel furniture options

Hotel furniture is broad and can range from the bedroom to the bar, therefore there is a breadth of colour options available. Learn how your furniture choices affect the colours.

Chairs and sofas

Any hospitality business needs to have a suitable amount of seating to provide comfort, but hotel seating perhaps comes with the highest level of expectation. Here are seating options for all around your hotel. 

Catering for all generations

When buying hotel furniture, it’s worth having something for guests of all ages. Here’s why you should use versatile furniture in your hotel that caters to all generations.

Customer bases:

Appealing to upmarket customers

Buying hotel furniture for upmarket rooms doesn't have to be difficult (or costly). This article provides advice on the furniture to use if you’re looking to add a sense of luxury.

Appealing to customers on a budget

Appealing to budget customers doesn’t mean sacrificing a welcoming environment. The right hotel furniture at the right price can be appealing without having to pass the high costs on to your customers. 

Making your hotel dog-friendly

Letting pets into your hotel can be daunting, but is it worth missing out on a large market that wants to bring their dog on holiday with them? If you’re considering making the change, here are some furniture tips for dog-friendly hotels.

Hotel design:

Channelling your hotel’s British heritage

While trends come and go, hotel furniture that conveys Britain's heritage is consistently the way to make tourists happy. Here are some design tips for creating a hotel filled with British heritage.

What is the future of hotel furniture?

We’ve spoken about the developing trends shaping the hotel furniture market but what does the future hold? 

Buying hotel furniture for small rooms

Small rooms shouldn’t compensate comfort. There is a range of layouts and furniture options that can add to a compact room.

No boundaries – the modern hotel layout

Hotel furniture has to serve several purposes and new research indicates that the boundaries are more blurred than ever before. The millennial generation, in particular, look for less clearly defined spaces in the hotel environment. Discover what customer’s look for in hotel furniture.  

Using sofas throughout hotel

Hotel owners want to accommodate as many paying customers as possible, and one of the single best items you can invest in is a sofa because of its versatility. Here are sofas best uses in a hotel.  

Putting furniture near plug sockets

Historically, hotels have tended to hide plug sockets behind desks and panelling but it’s becoming more important for hotels to position their seating near electrical outlets.

Getting customers to enjoy the view

You don’t need to be surrounded by breath-taking views for this one – you’ll be surprised what visitors from further afield consider to be an interesting view. Having comfortable furniture positioned by a window will give visitors a chance to stop, take a break and watch the world pass by. Here are recommendations for furniture fit for the job.

Seasonal hotel tips:

Getting ready for Christmas

There is a sense of festivities and celebration when travelers getaway around the Christmas period. Learn how hotel furniture can get your hotel in the Christmas spirit.

Hotel furniture for Valentine’s Day

Being whisked away for a weekend break is a great romantic gesture. Here are tips for lush and luxurious hotel furniture that add a stylish sparkle to romantic getaways for Valentine's Day.

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