How to Choose the Right Sofa Cushion

17 Nov.,2022


how to make a sofa bed more comfortable

July 16, 2014

Houzz contributor Mike Dietrich has been active in the interior design world for 40 plus years. Along with his wife Becky he has designed and built furniture, sewn slipcovers and window treatments, built two houses, and decorated countless more for clients and friends. He is also a retired pastor, and a pretty good cook as well. Because he is passionate about people, he is passionate about hospitality and beauty in the home. He wrote a book on hospitality called Invited Home; Hospitality and the heart of God, that brings all these factors together in a single tome, and provides some pretty good reading in the process. (Shameless plug - it's available on Amazon!) What could be more fun than providing a beautiful place for friends, family, and even strangers - a home that says you belong here; you're welcome, safe, and wanted!