13 Chic and Clever Ideas on How to Decorate Empty Corners in Your Home

12 Oct.,2022


how to decorate an empty room

Learn how to decorate empty corners and make the most of every inch of your home.

Yes, we all have it. That one awkward, dark, and empty corner in our home that probably makes us scratch our heads while asking, “what in the world do I do with this empty space?” Well, you are not alone. Small corners and nooks in your home can tricky to decorate. Plus, it ends up collecting all your bits and bobs whenever you enter and leave your home. Additionally, no space is complete until all alcoves, niches, and nooks are well decorated.

Fortunately, these spaces can become aesthetically pleasing and functional with our chic and clever ideas on how to decorate empty corners. Yes, all it takes is a little bit of creativity, imagination, and some planning to transform every empty corner into something useful. Trust us, Taylor Swift will be proud of how you decorated that blank space.

Build Corner Shelves

Make a stylish statement in any corner of your home with a built-in bookcase or a lovely wall display by installing wall shelves. It creates extra storage for your art and other decor accessories. Be sure to style it for an Insta-worthy bookshelf.

Closet Corner

Another chic idea on how to decorate empty corners, specifically in your bedroom, is a DIY corner clothing rack. You can see this interior decor everywhere, especially in an airy, large, and open space. Hanging your clothes in the open looks Instagrammable. It’s perfect if you have a tiny closet or for anyone who doesn’t even have a closet to begin with.

Cozy Reading Nook

Grab your soft blanket and make yourself a warm cup of coffee because it would be impossible to leave this chic reading nook. Designed by Studio DB, it includes all the staples that every bookworm needs with a mesmerizing view.

Create a Gallery Wall

Another way on how to decorate empty corners, especially in your living room, is to create a stylish gallery wall. A gallery wall lets you tell your story through a curated collection of artwork and photos. Plus, it transforms a boring wall into a chic and colorful space. Hang your favorite art, collection of priceless objects, or family photos. Another option is to lean it on a ledge so you can change the displayed art or photo anytime you want.

Customize a Breakfast Nook

Bring the ambiance of your favorite coffee shop into your home by creating a breakfast nook or a tiny dining nook by your dining room/kitchen window. Style it with a slim bistro table and two side chairs. Spruce up the corner with a modern pendant.

Decorate With a Large Plant

One of the easiest ideas on how to decorate empty corners that will instantly improve your mood and increase your concentration, creativity, and productivity is to decorate it with a large indoor plant. Trust us, it can brighten that awkward and dark corner of your home. For example, this Bird of Paradise made the space feel more lush and tropical with its giant green leaves.

Hang Chair

No matter how old you are, nothing ramps up the fun like a hanging chair in a bedroom or living room. It’s the perfect combination of cozy and playful.

Mini Entryway

A simple idea on how to decorate empty corners, particularly an awkward and dark entryway, is to install a statement lighting fixture that will make the space feel bigger and taller, such as a bold pendant or modern chandelier. You can also cover the ceiling or floor to ceiling with a bold color or wallpaper. Add a slim console table or hooks for your bags, coat, and keys.

Place a Sectional

A sectional is the perfect furniture that can instantly fit right into a corner. Plus, the shape promotes easier conversation, which makes it ideal for entertaining guests.

Productive Work Space

A chic and functional idea on how to decorate empty corners, especially for people working at home, is to create a home office that will inspire you to work better. Use what you have in your home to set up your mini workspace. For example, an extra comfortable chair that you can use while working and an old but sturdy table in your attic or garage that can be used as your desk.

Rearrange Furniture

Shake things up by rearranging your furniture and redistributing all of your accessories, artwork from the walls, and table decor to someplace new within your home.

Set Up a Bar or Coffee Station

Setting up an indoor bar or coffee station is another great idea on how to decorate empty corners. Invest in a classic bar cart or a glass bar cabinet to show off your best glassware. Plus, you can roll the bar/coffee cart in any room of your home. Make sure that the bar cart is big enough to store all the items you need.

Slim Vanity Table

Lastly, if you have extra space in your bedroom, fill up the empty corner with a slim vanity table and stool. You can also opt for a floating shelf. It’s a perfect spot to keep your beauty items organized and a nice place to get ready every morning and night.

Say bye-bye to awkward, dark, and empty corners and say hello to beautiful and lovingly decorated rooms. Seriously, corner decoration can be a bit tricky, but sometimes all it takes is an accent chair, a creative gallery wall, or a lush houseplant to fill up the space. We hope that these ideas on how to decorate empty corners will help you polish off every inch of your home. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!