How To Fill Empty Spaces In A Living Room: 14 Best Ways

12 Oct.,2022


how to decorate an empty room

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Since a living room is an area in which most time is probably spent relaxing after work or entertaining guests, it makes sense to ensure that the room is well furnished and decorated.

But you may have a few empty spaces which are totally normal when it comes to decorating. The thing is though that these empty spaces may be too obvious and it might feel like there’s something missing.

Filling empty spaces in the living room with specific items can be incredibly beneficial to the overall decor. To quickly list a few, some of the things you can use are tall plants, mirrors, artwork, shelves, a table, lamps, chairs, and perhaps hanging objects. 

There are also more ideas you can try that will make these empty spaces in a living room look amazing.

Here’s the full list:

Things To Put In Empty Spaces In A Living Room

1. Rearrange furniture

Before adding any items, you can try to rearrange the furniture in the room.

This will make the empty spaces less obvious and you may only need to add a limited amount of items if the space is not that big.

Playing around with the layout of the furniture and accessories can also lead to a new style that may be better than the previous.

2. Tall plants

Placing one or a few tall plants is a great way to fill empty spaces and corners.

These plants add a calming feel and an aesthetically pleasing look that enhances the decor.

If you’ve seen other living room decors, you may have noticed the use of tall potted plants to bring out the room decor.

I highly recommend going for a tall plant to make this empty corner amazing.

3. Artwork

If you prefer to leave the floor area empty, you could opt for decorating the wall space instead.

Having large artworks can draw attention away from the empty space as you’ll be more absorbed by the beautiful artwork hanging on the wall.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an abstract or landscape painting, this is a great option to try that could also be paired with other items for decorating that empty space in the living room.

4. Lighting

Warm lights can really illuminate an area and make it look warm and cozy.

Consider displaying a light in the empty area that will blend well with the rest of the decor.

Here you could either go for mounted lights, hanging lights, or add a tall lampshade in a unique style to decorate this empty space.

5. Room divider

I’ve seen a few living rooms which display a room divider in an empty space.

This looks especially great if the empty space is in a corner.

As long as it’s not too big and bulky for the room or in the way, you could display a room divider in whichever design that will complement the room decor.

6. Mirror

Hang a beautiful mirror on the wall or place a long-standing mirror in an empty corner.

This in turn can give an illusion of space by reflecting objects and bouncing light which will make the room brighter.

This is a great idea if you want to try something new and creative.

7. Bookshelf

If you want to portray that homely feel in the living room, consider placing a bookshelf in this empty space.

You could go for the usual long bookshelves or you can make use of a small table-sized bookshelf to hold only a few books.

8. Table

Placing a small wooden table in an empty space is a great way to fill the area.

Grab a table in a color that will be a great contrast to your decor color scheme and will make it stand out.

You may also add other decorative objects to this small table to create a beautiful display.

9. Rugs

If you’re looking for an option where you don’t necessarily need to add an item, you could just go for a large rug that will cover the empty spaces and make it less obvious.

Not only will this fix your problem but it will be a valuable addition to the overall decor as rugs can make a living room come alive.

10. Decorative shelves

Here’s another option if the empty space in the living room is in a corner or side of the room.

You can mount a few decorative shelves in that area and display any collections or objects that will make your decor look personalized. 

11. Collections

Get a clear case and display your best collections of things you love.

This could be artworks, vintage items, records, and any other collections you may be passionate about.

This is another great way to add a bit of you into your decor and this, in turn, will also make the living room feel unique.

12. Hanging Objects

Whether it’s hanging plants, lights, or other objects, this is another great option that fills empty spaces perfectly.

I would recommend going for hanging plants in rope baskets that will be of great value to your decor.

They are affordable, easy to install, and a beautiful item that’s worth adding to any corner of the room.

13. Reading nook

If there’s a large section that needs to be filled, consider creating a reading nook.

This will make the living room look absolutely gorgeous but it’s also another place where you’ll get to relax in with a good book. 

14. Chair 

For smaller, empty spaces, you could go for placing a chair, pouf, or bean bag depending on your current interior design.

This will fill up the empty space but will provide extra seating in the living room.

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To wrap things up, there are so many options to choose from that are all great ways to fill empty spaces in the living room.

Each and every one of them will also improve your decor and the funny thing is, you’ll also be unintentionally customizing your decor the way an interior designer would probably go about it.

Take into account the size of the space that needs to be filled as well as the location to decide which option would be appropriate for that area.

For empty corners, placing plants is one the best options which you should be at the top of your list. Even if it’s a fake plant!

I really hope you found this list of ideas helpful. 

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