How to Make Adorable No-Sew DIY Easter Gnomes

18 Nov.,2022


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Get ready for cuteness overload with no-sew DIY Easter gnomes complete with bunny slippers! This adorable gnome is made from a repurposed shirt and a few inexpensive craft supplies.

Did I mention how easy it is to make? If you can use a glue gun you can make this bunny gnome! So let’s get started…

Bunny Easter Gnomes

Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it. My daughter and I were shopping at a local thrift store when I spotted the cutest pair of bunny slippers mixed in with kids’ toys.

Look how sweet these are:

I had one of those lightbulb moments when I immediately knew they would be perfect for a little Easter gnome!

I’m not sure if they were meant for a doll or a baby, but I 100% say they were meant for a gnome. 😀

Now that I had an idea for my latest gnome I started searching through my craft stash for just the right supplies to use for the gnome’s body.

How Do I Make An Easter Gnome?

I’m so glad you asked! You will find a printable card at the end of this post with detailed instructions, but I also want to share some tips to make your gnome-making even easier.

There are a few different types of DIY gnomes. These are the most common:

  • Sock Gnomes 
  • Cone Gnomes
  • Sewing Pattern Gnomes

For this bunny gnome, I used the cone method.

Supplies Needed to Make a Bunny Easter Gnome

  • Foam Cone – my cone looks rough! It’s from another project.
  • Old Shirt – I used a gray turtleneck
  • Faux Fur – choose any color you like. I went with pink.
  • Bunny Ears – mine was a headband
  • Wood Bead – this one doesn’t have a hole so it’s perfect for a nose!
  • Bunny Slippers – check the doll supply section at craft stores
  • Hot Glue Gun – this cordless one is my favorite!
  • Craft Knife – this knife works perfectly for cutting fur

Step 1. Make the Body for the Gnome

Take your shirt and lay it flat. Place your cone on top of it and cut around it.

You want to make sure you cut it a little larger so you have enough material.

Wrap the material around the cone and trim off any excess material.

Use your hot glue gun to secure the edges. You want to fold the edges under so you have a nice finished edge.

A quick tip is to use thumbtacks to secure the material prior to hot gluing.

Step 2. Add the Gnome Beard

Now that you have the gnome’s body ready, it’s time to add the fur for the beard.

There is an important tip for cutting faux fur.

  • Do NOT use scissors. You want to use a craft knife so you just cut the backing on the fur and not the fur itself. Otherwise, your gnome will look like Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb & Dumber!


Here is a close-up so you can see how it’s cut:

You also want to cut the fur so it is angled and comes to a point for the bottom of the beard.

Step 3. Make a Gnome Hat

For the hat, I used the same shirt that I used for the body.

You can certainly change that and go with something more colorful.

Because I used pink fur and pink glitter bunny ears I wanted to keep it neutral with the hat.

A shirt sleeve worked perfectly. I wanted a slouchy hat for this little guy so I just glued the back of the hat and let it hang to one side.

If you want a straight hat add a piece of wire or pipe cleaner to it.

Pull the hat down so it is just over the gnome beard.

Step 4. Secure the Bunny Ears

Keep an eye out at craft stores for bunny headbands. They are perfect to use for Easter bunny gnomes!

Just cut them from the headband and glue them to the bottom of the gnome hat. Fold the hat up to cover the bottom of the bunny ears.

Step 5. Add the Nose

For my gnomes, I tend to prefer wood beads for the nose. I just like the look of it.

But, you can also use pompoms or mini ornaments depending on the size.

Step 6. Attach the Bunny Sippers

Because this is a large standing gnome, it was necessary to put dowels in the bottom of the foam body and secure them to foam in the bunny slippers.

This gnome is about 15″ tall and would look great on a mantel. Now it’s just a matter of trimming the beard and your sweet little gnome is ready to be displayed.

Look at how darling this little guy is:

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed this simple Easter bunny gnome. It was so much fun to make him. It reminded me a little of dressing my dolls when I was a kid.

Thank you for visiting. Happy crafting!

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