How to Make an Easter Gnome

18 Nov.,2022


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Gnomes are so on trend right now and they show no sign of slowing down. You can make them for all seasons from Halloween to Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter. You simply just switch out their accessories to suit the occasion or you could make one for each and just have them to hand when the time comes. People also love receiving them as gifts and they really bring a lot of cuteness to your decor.

These DIY Bunny Gnomes are a fun way to decorate your home for Easter! You only need a few supplies such as faux fur and a wooden bead for the nose. They would look great at any time of the year – just change the hat to the season. You’ll begin by placing rice in a jar and pouring it into a sock to form the body. Secure it with an elastic band and secure with hot glue. Cut some faux fur to cover this with. Glue the wooden bead at the nose area and then hot glue some bunny ears to finish!

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How adorable are the little bunny slippers on this gnome?! Not to mention his little bucket carrying mini eggs! In fact, I think I’d keep him around all year, he’s just too cute not to display.

Purple pastel is a wonderful color for spring and it’s perfect for making Easter decorations like this gnome with his cute purple bunny ears.

Twin bunny gnomes? Yes please. What an original decoration to add to your kitchen to get it Spring ready.

We have included this video from Rufflesandrainboots which is a great step by step tutorial to show you how you can make your very own Easter gnome!

This creative person purchased a bunny hat for a cat and sewed it to the body of the gnome !
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Something about the shape of the hat reminds me of a viking – how cool is the thought of a viking bunny gnome!

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Easter gnomes are so precious to add to your Spring decor. This team of gnomes look like they are ready to be added to Easter baskets or given out as favors.
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I can’t handle how cute this little guy looks next to the bunny treat jar. It would be an adorable Easter gift to give.
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I absolutely adore the checkered pattern in his ears – it’s very Alice in Wonderland.
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Very whimsical looking, this gnome is reminiscent of a Spring wizard ready to cast his spell.
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This dainty guy would be perfect to give as a hostess gift or to add to an Easter basket.
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