Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe and FBE Lined Seamless

26 Nov.,2022


fbe pipe

Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe is a group of metal pipes that are coated with epoxy material. The epoxy is a name given to polymers made from monomers of oxiranes. The chemical composition and structure of this material makes it glued together with other material so that it could act as a coating material. The pipes with this kind of coating is also called the Fusion Bonded Epoxy Pipe. The can be known as the FBE type coating as well. The FBE Coated Carbon Steel Pipe is used in many applications which require extreme corrosion resistance over long periods of time. The metal pipes in the construction industry come in contact with cement and remain untouched for a long time use the FBE Coated Pipe because it prevents the pipes from corroding. There are different types of this material. The Epoxy Coated Cast Iron Pipe is simply the cast iron pipes coated with epoxy material.

The use of Epoxy Coated Steel Gas Pipes are seen in gas supply systems. The coating could be applied by powdered, liquid or solid metallic line conditions. Epoxy Lined Steel Pipe is used in natural gas, water, sewage, petroleum, refineries and power plants as well. The Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipes can be stronger as the pipe material does not need to be corrosion resistant. It could be mostly ferrite and yet, the epoxy layer would provide much corrosion avoidance so to say. The Epoxy Coated Gas Pipes avoids direct contact of the metallic material with gas and therefore avoids unwanted reactions. For applications that carry sensitive and reactive liquids, the Internal Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe is used. There are different standards, classes, pressure requirements, shapes and sizes of Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel Pipe varieties. Each of them contains specific mechanical and physical properties which allow them to be applied in unique applications.