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01 Mar.,2023


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Disposable surgical gowns are an important tool in the world of medical procedures.

With the gowns, patients and healthcare staff are protected when performing consultations or operations.

They are manufactured for single use and have different models that have tie-downs, full sleeves or shoulder sleeves

Learn a little more about the types of surgical gowns that can be used, how to choose the best surgical gown and the importance of wearing them.

What are surgical gowns?

Surgical gowns are a type of apron that covers health care personnel in front of patients and in front of handling or exposure to biological waste.

They are 1.40 meters wide by one meter long and are usually manufactured in blue, white or green.

They are also used when it is necessary to protect against the possible spread of a virus, such as coronavirus, among the personnel in charge of providing the treatment.

Depending on their use, they have the capacity to be sterilized or not.

For example, surgical gowns used for isolation are sterilizable; while gowns used for surgical procedures and handling of biological or chemical substances must be disposed of at the end of their use.

Types of disposable surgical gowns

Surgical gowns are made of quality non-woven material. They are made of polyethylene and polypropylene, an economical, soft and lightweight material to wear.

Depending on the type of work to be done, there is a type of surgical gown that is ideal due to its characteristics and the accessories that make it easier to use.

So get to know the qualities offered by the six types of surgical gowns on the market and acquire the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Surgeon’s gown or lab coat

They are a type of surgical gown that have long sleeves with cuffs that adapt to the wrist with elastic and have straps to adjust the gown to the body.

They have the quality of being sterilized and offer great protection. They are manufactured to act as a barrier to any liquid.

Visitor’s gown

Visitor’s coats are suitable for people entering factories or industries.

They cover from the shoulders to a little further below the knees, so that the clothes do not get covered with dust or dirt in general. They are light to wear and disposable.

Examination gowns for people in consultations

As the name suggests, these types of gowns have been made to be worn during a medical examination and then discarded.

They are surgical gowns that do not have the capacity to be subjected to a sterilization process. They have an opening on the back of the gown that facilitates inspection.

They are responsible for protecting people and patients during the time the examination is being performed.

Safety gowns for food companies

Safety gowns for food companies are disposable, and are white in colour.

They are waterproof, protect from food debris and dust in the factory.

Disposable gowns for chemical companies

Chemical company protective gowns are disposable, protect from the neck to the knees and have long sleeves.

They are resistant to high temperatures, toxic gases produced in the laboratory, chemicals, microorganisms and even dust.

Kimono gowns

The kimono style gowns are the easiest type of gown to distinguish from the whole list.

The design of these types of disposable surgical gowns looks like a kimono and they tend to be used in spas, beauty centres and hairdressing salons.

They protect people from getting stained by the treatments applied in some of these centers and increase the quality of the facility’s service.

Things to consider when choosing a surgical gown

Disposable surgical gowns should be made from non-woven fabrics such as polyethylene or polypropylene.

The fact that the gowns are made from non-woven fabrics gives them qualities such as waterproofing, the ability to be non-linting and non-toxic, and provide comfort, freshness and comfort. They are also antistatic and hypoallergenic.

It is important that tapes are provided to allow for easier tying on the back of the surgical gown.

It is also recommended to choose gowns that cover at least the back and a little more below the waist or knees.

Advantages of wearing surgical gowns

Over the years, surgical gowns have become increasingly important in industry and the medical world.

In the past, this type of gown was made of heavy materials and, thanks to innovations, it has become light and comfortable due to the use of fabrics such as polypropylene or polyethylene.

Furthermore, from the moment they were created, it was established that surgical gowns would be intended to protect the health of healthcare personnel and patients treated.

Likewise, new types of disposable surgical gowns have been developed for other productive sectors such as the food industry, which have different characteristics from medical gowns.

A final advantage is that they do not absorb liquids or dirt that may fall on them when performing a procedure, so clothes are not compromised to get dirty with those wastes.

Best quality disposable surgical gowns

In our Monouso virtual shop you will find the surgical gowns you need for your business, with the best quality and at the best price.

The disposable gowns we offer are made of polyethylene and polypropylene in a variety of weights

To provide you with options that best suit your image, we have models of surgical gowns in different colors so that you can choose according to the colors of your company.

The disposable surgical gowns you get at Monouso have a proper closure, through tapes located on the back of the gowns and other models have velcro closures.

The fact that the gowns we offer are disposable allows for greater safety and hygiene for the people who use them and the people who attend to them.

The surgical gowns are available in different sizes, for children, young people and adults, all equally comfortable and with the possibility of easily adjusting to the body of the people who use them.

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