Barrier Free Gynecological Exam Chair

26 Nov.,2022


Gynecology Chair

Hill HA90E Gynecological Exam Chair

What does “barrier free” mean to you? Your medical chair should provide the easiest access for your patients. This means a convenient, low height, and no obstructions around which the patient needs to negotiate to enter or exit. The Hill HA90e Gynecological Exam Chair is ideally suited to meet the needs of the OBGYN/Gynecologist, and at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Flexibility for Ease of Use

The Hill Adjustable HA90E is an all purpose exam table. It is particularly suited for the varied requirements of the osteopathic physician whose procedures range from manipulation to OB/GYN. The HA90E removes all barriers for your patients with smooth electric elevation from 22″ to 35″. With the help of a gas-powered spring, the HA90E smoothly converts from a seated examination chair to a flat-top table with the touch of a lever.The back locks at any angle from 0° to 80°. For minor surgical procedures or greater ease in positioning patients, the HA90E can be purchased with an electric lift-back.