Advantages & Disadvantages of Cast Iron Cookware : BBQGuys

21 Sep.,2022


nonstick cast iron skillet

  • Cooking with well-seasoned cast iron cookware is one of the more satisfying experiences for both beginner and experienced chefs. Cast iron cookware is reliable, long lasting, nontoxic, nonstick, and full of character. Your cast iron cookware can be used to sear a juicy filet mignon for dinner and then bake gooey chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Cast iron skillets can be intimidating to those who have heard the many warnings and fables about cast iron – “don’t wash with soap, don’t get your skillet wet, don’t do do this, don’t do that!” The truth is, as long as your cast iron is seasoned well and free of rust, you’ll be able to cook a wide variety of flavorful, delicious foods for many years to come.