How to choose the right electric rice cooker

15 Oct.,2022


Digital Rice Cooker

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Who said cooking rice is easy? If you are someone using a traditional method of cooking rice in a vessel, you know, you need to stand around in the kitchen to keep an eye until it gets ready. Even if you are using a pressure cooker, you need to add sufficient water in it to get perfect fluffy steamed rice. What if we told you there is a product that is more convenient than pressure cookers? They are electric rice cookers. Electric rice cookers are in demand, since they make the rice cooking an easy task. Electric rice cookers are packed with a bunch of features and  they are very effective. They’re exactly as essential as washing machines, refrigerator and the lot. However, there are things you should take note of while buying an electric rice cooker.

Size and capacity

Rice cookers come in different sizes and capacities. Unlike most kitchen appliances, these cookers don’t take more space than a large vessel. The capacity of a rice cooker is measured by a total number of rice cups it can cook. Electric rice cookers are available with capacities ranging from 1 to 6 litres, and some even more. While buying an electric cooker, the first thing to consider is the size of your family. If you are a small family of 5 to 6 people, consider buying a cooker of 3 to 5 liters of capacity. Also, consider how many cups of rice you typically need.

Easy to operate

Most electric cookers come with a one-touch operation. This means you only have to add rice, a sufficient amount of water and let the cooker do the rest. There are more advanced electric cookers with digital controls and functions. There are functions such as self-timer/delay start, automatic keep warm, slow cooking, steaming and more. It is ideal to have a self-timer or delay start function in an electric rice cooker. It sets the cooker to start functioning at a specified time and even tells you the time left until the rice is ready to serve. These features let you automate things and you can be rest assured your rice will be ready when it’s time to eat.

Types of lids

Some rice cookers come with a see-through lid, while others have a close fit stainless steel lid.  A see-through lid is great to have, since you can check on the rice when it is cooking.

Designs that are easy to clean

For easy cleaning, make sure the cooking bowl and lid are dishwasher safe. You can easily remove and clean the cooking bowl and a lid with a sponge scrub and water. Selecting a cooker with a stainless steel, aluminium or a non-stick coated cooking bowl is always beneficial in the long run.

Automatic Shut-off function

This feature is found in almost all rice cookers. The use of “Automatic Shut-Off” function is that the cooker automatically toggles the switch to “Keep Warm” function once the rice is ready. This means, you don’t necessarily have to keep monitoring the rice while it is cooking. 

Multi-purpose rice cookers

It’s also worth considering a multi-purpose rice cooker, if you are a large family. It is handy when there is one appliance that can do multiple tasks. There are rice cookers that can steam vegetables, meat and fish along with the rice. Some other cooker models also let you heat or simmer soups and cook pulses.

Out-of-box accessories

Most advanced electric rice cookers come with a set of accessories. Depending on the cooker model you select, you may find a steaming insert tray, measuring cups, steam tray, serving spatula and spoons, all out of the box.

Warranty and after sales service

When buying a rice cooker, check the warranty offered by the brand. Most brands offer 2 years of warranty. For detailed information, speak to the store associate or refer to the brand’s official website. Like any other devices at home, the rice cooker is an important kitchen appliance, something that you’ll use for a very long time. After-sales support is very important.

If you are planning to buy an electric rice cooker, here are some models you can buy from us. Also, if you get a chance and if you want to see the product in person, do visit a Reliance Digital store nearby. Locate the nearest store by clicking here. While you’re there, don’t hesitate from asking any of our sales associates for recommendations and guidance on rice cookers.