Antique Wooden Footstools & Upholstered Entryway Benches

12 Oct.,2022


entryway stool

Guests enter and leave the same way, so why not greet them and leave them with a lasting impression? Each upholstered entryway bench we offer is crafted with the finest materials and extraordinary attention to detail to ensure every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to antique stools and benches, we also offer two-seater settees, storage chests with drawers, and endless opportunities to decorate your home and give it the old-world character you have been craving.

Finding vintage furniture that is both functional and traditional can be challenging. Luckily, you have come to the right place. We proudly offer an upholstered stool bench in the French sleigh style with hand carved mahogany, the Chippendale style with ball and claw legs, as well as the Victorian style with intricate grape carvings and scroll feet that reflect the unmistakable commitment to quality that our experts are known for.

Choosing the perfect upholstered entryway bench to complement your existing décor or side tables has never been easier. Our selection of antique footstools and benches allows you to choose your ideal upholstery option and finishing preference before placing your order. Our standard finish on most pieces entails a classic mahogany stain with a satin semi-gloss finish for a graceful gleam that will have guests and loved ones marveling at its authenticity and quality. If you have any questions about our antique upholstered bench collection or custom furniture services, please contact a member of the Laurel Crown design team today for further assistance.