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09 Feb.,2023


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household product

Although some may think the sewing machine is a mundane household product, it was a technological achievement on par with today's smartphone or tablet.

From Slate Magazine

Under certain circumstances, a common household product can combust -- or catch fire -- without any outside flame or spark.

From ABC News

They, too, turned to common household products and came up with olive oil.

From NPR

But he said that, as with the other household products, no scientific proof supports this claim.

From ABC News

The chip could mean the end of animal testing for drugs and household products.

From The Mercury News

It paid the fine and, in 2000, withdrew chlorpyrifos from household products.

From The Atlantic

The world's largest household products company has about 57,000 non-manufacturing employees among its total workforce of about 129,000.

From Reuters

They can be used to buy almost anything at the supermarket except alcohol, prepared meals and household products.

From Huffington Post

Likewise, she imagines that these photosynthesizing nutrient stations could one day be household products.

From Wired

Although there are controls in place designed to prevent people from acquiring large amounts of the precursor elements, they are common elements widely available in numerous household products.


Many people have tried smothering lice by leaving household products such as mayonnaise, vinegar, or petroleum jelly on the hair overnight and then washing it out the next morning.

From CNN

Lead is also in a wide variety of household products, from hair dressings and makeup products that are now mostly banned, to earthenware or pottery using lead-containing glazes.


Personal care sales should rise at a mid-single digit clip this year, while household products sales are expected to fall at a low-single digit rate, the company said.

From Chicago Tribune

Because of these inherent benefits, the practice of co-branding now extends to industries ranging from cosmetics, hotels, restaurants, fashion, household products, and charities, to name only a few.

From Wired

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