The 9 Best Pillows of 2022

10 Oct.,2022


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Then, check out our 9 best pillow picks below for potential replacements.

Had your current pillows for longer than you can remember? Are they yellowing, flat, or overstuffed? If so, it’s time to say good night.

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can contribute to head and neck pain , and it can keep you from getting the quality rest you need .

Pillows can look and feel very different, depending on their materials, the sleeping position they’re intended for, and any special features they have.

The 2 for $10 pillows at your usual department store might work well for your wallet, but they may not do much for your sleep. Pillows that promote a good night’s rest typically cost a little more.

A new pillow might be a small purchase, but it’s an important one. We considered the following factors to make sure we only recommend quality pillows:

Best pillow overall

Original Casper Pillow

  • Price: $$
  • Fill type: Polyester microfiber
  • Height: 7 inches with 2-inch gusset

Pillow preference can depend on sleep position, desired comfort level, and preferred fill, among other factors. That makes it pretty difficult to find one single best pillow that works for everyone. Still, this Casper synthetic down pillow is a good option for all sleepers.

The pillow-within-a-pillow design boasts a firm inner pillow for support and a fluffy outer pillow for comfort. The company says they use a special process to blow each fiber cluster into the cover separately, which they say makes the pillow clump-resistant. A breathable cotton cover helps keep air flowing through the pillow so you stay cool while sleeping.

Some reviewers found these pillows too high or too firm. But plenty of other reviewers rave about them, calling them firm, supportive, and fluffy all at once. Several people say they get better sleep on these pillows and wake up without head and neck pain.

Reviewers also love that you can throw them in the washing machine — just follow the recommended care instructions to keep them fluffy post-wash.

Buy the Original Casper Pillow online.

Best pillow for pregnancy

Tempur-Pedic BodyPillow

  • Price: $$$
  • Fill type: TEMPUR material
  • Height: 5.5 inches

Sleeping for two? Finding it difficult to actually sleep at all? Pregnancy can make it tough to curl up in your usual position, but pillows specially designed to support your body as it grows can make a big difference.

Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes, but the BodyPillow’s simple design offers a basic option for pregnancy and beyond. This 48-inch pillow is designed to support and relieve pressure during pregnancy when you’re encouraged to sleep on your side.

The company’s unique TEMPUR material, made of open-celled viscoelastic foam, is designed to cushion you as it contours to your body. But it’s also responsive enough to maintain its shape through regular use.

Reviewers call this pillow “life-changing,” saying it helped them sleep comfortably during pregnancy. People who experience pain and back problems also rave about this body pillow, saying it provides just the right support to improve their sleep.

A few reviewers note the pillow started to break down after a year or so of heavy use, but it does come with a 5-year warranty.

Buy the Tempur-Pedic BodyPillow online.

Best cooling pillow

Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow

  • Price: $$
  • Fill type: Foam
  • Height: 5 inches

Who wants to wake up with a sweaty head? This cooling pillow from Tuft & Needle may help prevent that dreaded, sticky discomfort.

The foam in this pillow is specially cut, not molded or shredded, for optimal airflow and support. Graphite and cooling gel infuse the foam to pull away heat so you stay cooler without having to flip the pillow again and again.

A few reviewers say it doesn’t stay all that cool, but many others praise the cooling technology and say it really works. Some people mention a chemical smell but say it clears up after some airing.

This pillow is designed to provide supportive comfort for all sleeping positions, but some stomach sleepers may find the loft (aka the height) too high. Reviewers love the softness and the way the pillow maintains its shape over time.

Back and side sleepers, in particular, say this pillow helped relieve head and neck pain and improve their sleep. Not convinced? Tuft & Needle’s 100-night sleep trial gives you the chance to sleep on it, literally and figuratively.

Buy the Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow online.

Best pillow for side sleepers

Layla Kapok Pillow

  • Price: $$
  • Fill type: Foam and kapok fiber
  • Height: 7 inches, adjustable

Many happy reviewers call this pillow “perfect” for side sleepers. They claim it’s comfortable and supportive, it maintains its loft through the night, and it improves neck and shoulder pain.

Need a tall pillow? A flat pillow? The Layla pillow can work either way. It comes stuffed full, but the cover unzips so you can easily adjust the height to maintain spinal alignment while you sleep.

The pillow is made using shredded memory foam and fibers from kapok tree seeds, which help give the pillow a soft, airy feel. A few reviewers go so far as to call it “cloud-like.”

The breathable cover is woven with copper-infused yarn, which the company says helps prevent unpleasant odors and trapped heat. Several reviewers confirm they did sleep cooler with this pillow, though a few people didn’t notice much of a cooling effect.

Several reviewers mention a chemical smell that lasted for several days, so you may want to plan to air your new pillow out before sleeping on it. If you don’t love the pillow, you can return it within 100 days.

Buy the Layla Kapok Pillow online.

Best pillow for back sleepers

Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow

  • Price: $
  • Fill type: Foam
  • Height: 7, 10, or 12 inches

If you sleep on your back and can’t seem to get comfortable on a standard pillow, you might consider making the switch to a wedge pillow.

They’re a little unusual, sure, but wedge pillows can provide just the right amount of incline and support for back sleepers. The gentle slope helps support your head without creating shoulder or neck pain, while the dense foam provides firm comfort.

According to the many positive reviews, back sleepers find the Zuma pillow very comfortable. Reviewers also find it useful for other sources of sleep disruptions, including post-surgery pain, GERD, snoring, and respiratory problems. Wedge pillows even work well for side sleeping, some reviewers say. People also love the lack of chemical smell and the soft bamboo rayon cover.

This pillow comes in three heights: 7, 10, or 12 inches. Brentwood Home offers a 30-day trial, so you can exchange the pillow if your first choice isn’t quite right.

Buy the Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow online.

Best organic pillow

Avocado Green Pillow

  • Price: $$
  • Fill type: Latex and kapok fiber
  • Height: Adjustable

Organic pillows may be hard to come by, but this standard pillow from Avocado Green might just end your search. Not only is it fully organic down to the cotton jersey cover, but it’s also vegan, handmade, and Greenguard Gold certified to produce low emissions.

Reviewers love the support and pressure relief this pillow provides. They call it soft and comfortable, saying it stays dense without feeling uncomfortably firm. Many reviewers even say this pillow helps relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain.

If your new pillow feels too high or too flat, no problem — you can easily adjust the height. Avocado Green even sends a bonus bag of fill so you can get the pillow just the way you like it.

A few reviewers find this pillow uncomfortable and don’t like the latex smell, but most people love the pillow. Out of more than 4,000 reviews, it has a 4.5-star rating. All Avocado Green pillows also come with a 100-night sleep trial, so you can try them out risk-free.

Buy the Avocado Green Pillow online.

Best pillow for stomach sleepers

Sealy Conform Medium Memory Foam Pillow

  • Price: $
  • Fill type: Memory foam
  • Height: 5.75 inches

Many stomach sleepers will recognize the familiar struggle of trying and failing to get comfortable on a too-high pillow, eventually pushing it away in frustration.

When you sleep on your stomach, a flatter, medium pillow can often improve your rest, while a taller pillow can lead to discomfort and pain. Reviewers say this medium memory foam pillow provides just the right mix of comfort and firm support for stomach and combination sleepers.

A few reviewers found it uncomfortably firm, but many people call it very comfortable. Several even say this pillow helped improve neck pain. It doesn’t feature any specific cooling technology beyond a breathable cover, but a few people note that it stays cool regardless.

Buy the Sealy Conform Medium Memory Foam Pillow online.

Best budget pillow

Wayfair Sleep Medium Memory Foam Cooling Bed Pillow

  • Price: $
  • Fill type: Memory foam
  • Height: 5 inches

This basic memory foam pillow has a lower loft that a variety of sleepers may find comfortable. According to the reviews, a few stomach sleepers find it comfortable, but most combination sleepers prefer this pillow for side and back sleeping.

The company says the foam in the pillow is infused with cooling gel for cooler sleep. Ventilation in the pillow is supposed to help promote airflow, so heat pockets don’t make you sweat in the night.

A few reviewers find this pillow a little too firm, and not many of them mention much of a cooling effect. Still, many people find this memory foam pillow a sturdy, yet soft, option at a good price.

Buy the Wayfair Sleep Medium Memory Foam Cooling Bed Pillow online.

Best pillow for neck pain

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow (Curved)

  • Price: $$
  • Fill type: Foam and polyester down alternative
  • Height: 3 inches

Research from 2011 found that switching to a new latex, polyester, or foam contour pillow may reduce your chances of experiencing neck pain when you wake up. The curved ComfortFit pillow from Sleep Number is contoured and made from polyester — a win-win.

The company recommends this breathable, hypoallergenic pillow to side and back sleepers, especially those who need a little extra neck support. (Find more pillows for neck pain here.)

This pillow blends memory foam and synthetic down fill to provide firm — but not too firm — support. Several reviewers say it really does help relieve neck and shoulder pain and morning stiffness.

A few people find this pillow a little too firm, but others call it soft and comfortable and say it’s the “perfect” pillow. Others love how the foam contours to their head and stays cool through the night.

Buy the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow (Curved) online.

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