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25 Oct.,2022


smd led price

smd led price

Upcoming Reverse Mount RGB SMD LED+IC Products

At Inolux Corporation, we strive to ensure an LED solution is available for any design you envision. With that, we are proud to announce IN-PI32TARx reverse mount RGB SMD LEDs with integrated IC.

IN-PI32TAR5R5G5B and IN-PI32TARPRPGPB LEDs feature wavelengths of 620/520/465nm (R/G/B) and can produce millions of color combinations while offering data transfer rates of 800 kbp/s at 30 frames per second.

Package dimensions for IN-PI32TARx series devices are 3.2 x 2.8 x 1.78 (mm) with viewing angles of 120 degrees and wavelengths of 620/520/465nm (R/G/B). Furthermore, each product is REACH and RoHS compliant making them ideal for several applications in this highly used product category.

Some applications include:
IoT / Smart Devices, Ambient Color Effects, Decorative Lighting - Signage, Keyboard and Display Backlighting, Wearables, Aftermarket Automotive Lighting, Network, Communication, and Server Equipment.