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25 Oct.,2022


smd led price

smd led price

Lumex® Launches QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR - Rectangle Digital SMD LED

Wed, Jul 17, 2019

Lumex® is proud to announce the release of Rectangle Digital LED - QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR. Same as the Digital R/G/B LED SMD-LX0707RGB-TR, SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR comes with built-in driver IC and very low forward current 5mA for each color.

Benefit by the built-in driver IC, Lumex SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR could be easily adapted into customer's design in various applications, especially in the senario of using multiple R/G/B LEDs. Not only reducing the effort of circuit design, Digital LED SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR is having better performance while the power consumption is lower to 5mA in each color. Also, there are 8 different output level for each color predefined in the built-in driver IC, mixing colors by adjusting PWM is no longer required.