What Kind of Injection Molding Machine Do You Need?

08 Mar.,2023


If you are in the manufacturing industry, you might have come across or heard about the injection molding machine, one essential piece of equipment in industrial plastics manufacturing. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is usually used in the fabrication of plastic items ranging from automotive body parts to trinkets and toys. The Injection molding machines come with one principal advantage of being able to produce tons of identical plastic parts. 

For those who are looking to add an injection molding machine to their arsenal, one of the most challenging questions you need to answer is; what type of molding machine do you need? And this is not because of the several types and categories of injection molding machines in the market, but because there are several technologies for you to consider.  Additionally, you need plastic processing equipment that aligns with the kind of job you are doing, the materials you are using, and your financial capabilities, among others. 

Types of Injection Molding Machines

Although all kinds of injection molding come with two significant parts; an injection unit and a clamp, they are primarily classified based on the driving systems they utilize.


Hydraulic injection molding machines, or presses, boast of being the oldest type of mold injection machines, and they were the tools that manufacturers relied upon to mold polyethylene plastics products until 1983 when the first all-electric industrial molding machine was introduced. Although their precision is not that great, these machines are still the most popular types all around the globe, apart from Japan. 


Electric presses are the second type of injection molding devices you will find in the industry. They are favored because they help cut down costs by consuming less energy and offering clean and clutter-free production. These machines also boast high accuracy and speed and produce less noise than the other types of mold injection tools.

Choosing The Right Injection Molding Machine

There are vast things that you need to consider before you buy an injection molding machine, including tonnage, shot size, tie bar spacing, platen size, and ejector stroke, among others. However, when it comes to tooling, efficiency, versatility, and flexibility, you need to decide whether you want a horizontal or the vertical injection molding machine in your fabrication shop. 

Vertical Injection Molding Machines

Unlike traditional horizontal machines, vertical injection molding tools are oriented to work on the vertical axis. They often come with a rotary table or a shuttle, and they help eliminate the issue of gravity dislocation due to the vertical alignment. Apart from being suitable for insert molding applications, these industrial molding tools feature components that can be loaded quickly onto the mold. Another feature that makes the vertical mold injection machine appealing is the availability of a broad selection of clamp unit options on the same vertical centerline.  Lastly, these pieces of equipment are excellent space-saving tools as they occupy half of the space that is occupied by horizontal machines. 

Horizontal Injection Molding Machines

Horizontal mold injection machines take pride in being the first of the two mold injection tools to be standardized for industrial use. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that they are the most commonly used plastic machines around the globe. And even though they take the second feeble on various issues when compared to vertical machines, they also have their advantages. 

These pieces of equipment are not convenient when working on larger items, but are also high in operation and safer than their counterparts. Additionally, they are easy to automate since most of their components are stable. And the fact that you are likely to find more horizontal injection molding machines in many fabrication shops is a testament that they have several developmental advantages. 

Final Verdict.

When it comes to selecting the right injection molding machine for your shop, there are a lot of things that must come into play. Efficiency, productivity, safety and of course affordability are some of the things you should consider first. Then, you should consider things like the quality of accessories, tooling requirements, and the turnaround time for maximum production. When it comes to the debate between vertical and horizontal machines, there is no doubt that vertical equipment has more advantages. However, if you have plans to automate or add the functionality of your molding device, the horizontal machine is the ideal choice. 

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