A Solid Solution for Slurry Pumps Protection

09 Mar.,2023


Do you need sludge sump pump solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Abrasion is caused by foreign bodies moving over a surface.  In most cases these are mineral particles, which can be harder or softer than the metal surface undergoing the abrasion wear.

According to a Belzona Technical Service Engineer, even though handling abrasive fluids presents a tremendous challenge to any protective material, a carefully selected abrasion resistant coating can reduce impact wear effects, extend the life of the pump and optimize the overall performance of the pumping process. 

There are many forms of abrasion, with many different names such as gouging, grinding and scratching. These names mainly describe the cause of the abrasion, and how the wear took place. Scratching abrasion could be due to small particles flowing through a pump; grinding abrasion could be a process involving particles under a compressive load.

Belzona’s abrasion-resistant protective coating products are designed to slow down the abrasion process in the pump as they are formulated to address these specific needs.

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