Bus stator and rotor

13 Apr.,2023


The bus iron core of the new energy vehicle stator and rotor series, Chme has passed the IATF16949 certificate in 2016. During this period, several types of bus stator and rotor iron cores were developed, which is one of the bus iron cores in mass production. This iron core provides stable performance for the bus while improving work efficiency. The rotation of the generator rotor induces electric potential in the stator winding and generates the load current of the generator. The current of the stator winding generates the total magnetic potential combined by the armature magnetic potential and the rotor magnetic potential, which forms the composite magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit composed of the stator core, air gap and rotor, and establishes the generator voltage.

Laminated cores of stator and rotor for heavy-duty vehicle driving motors.

This laminated cores are made of a stator with outer diameter as of 400 mm and a rotor with outer diameter as of 290mm, which were manufactured by at least 8 individual working stations at SPM of 6-8 before we developed the automative produciton line.  Our new produciton line is built by 2 progressive dies and related staking and welding station at SPM of 100, which not only leads to higher efficency, but also makes the process more reliable.  Better performance in parallelity and concentricity brings the motor lower noise and longer life cycle of bearing.


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