Clutch release bearing defective or run in? The info!

21 Mar.,2023


Is this Clutch Release Bearing broken or shrunk? There are the symptoms, that's how the repair works and that's how high the costs are! Yes, first some information. The release bearing (also called releaser, central releaser or thrust bearing) is a component of the clutch in motor vehicles with manual transmissions. Due to the fact that it is constantly stressed during clutch engagement and disengagement, it is prone to wear.

Function of the release bearing

The often built Single dry clutch is the subject of this paragraph. the membrane or membrane spring is actuated by the release bearing, which is part of the clutch. When the clutch pedal is actuated, the interaction of the release bearing, disc spring, pressure plate, flywheel and other components ensures that this connection between the pressure plate and the flywheel, the clutch disc in between, is separated. As a result, the transmission no longer receives engine speed. The speed of the transmission drops so that gear changes are possible. The release bearing no longer presses on the plate spring when the foot is released from the clutch pedal. This restores the frictional connection between the transmission and the engine, and the engine speed is transmitted to the transmission, the drive shafts and thus to the wheels with the respective transmission ratio transfer.

Symptoms and signs of a broken throwout bearing

Only after the gearbox has been removed can a exact Diagnosis of a possibly defective release bearing can be made. noises like grinding or rattling are the most common signs of a worn (worn in / knocked out) release bearing. When you depress the clutch pedal, the noise usually goes away. If the damage is severe, the clutch can no longer function properly. Can you replace a defective release bearing with something else? confound? Since the noises are often difficult to distinguish, they can be caused by a defective Dual Mass Flywheel be confused.

Can I continue driving despite a defective release bearing?

If you suspect that the release bearing is defective, you should check the vehicle as quickly as possible take to a workshop. If the car continues to be driven despite the defective release bearing, other clutch parts can be damaged.

Does the throw-out bearing need to be repaired or replaced?

A new throwout bearing is installed when the transmission is removed and the suspicion of a defective release bearing has been confirmed. Because of age and wear and tear for used car parts are not always obvious, it is discouraged. In addition, the material prices are minimal compared to the total costs of the conversion. The technology of the conversion differs depending on the type of vehicle. But the gearbox almost always has to get extendedto access the clutch and release bearing. Depending on the vehicle, the front wheels, the shift mechanism, the wheel housings, the cardan shafts, the clutch actuator, the starter, the electrical connections of the gearbox and the gearbox bracket must also be removed. For some vehicles (e.g. E.g. Toyota Avensis and VW T4) the crossmember/subframe must also be removed or lowered. This increases the workload significantly. It is not possible to replace the release bearing until it is accessible. Simultaneous is also common Clutch kit replacement (also a consumable item) and possibly des dual mass flywheel. A final test drive is performed when all disassembled parts are reassembled.

The cost of replacing the throw-out bearing

The total cost of the replacement depends on the vehicle model and make. A new release bearing usually costs on average 20 to 100 Euro in material costs. Manufacturers such as Luk, NK, Sachs and Topran are known for quality spare parts. Added to that workload, which, depending on the vehicle type, is around three to ten hours of work can lie. The labor costs are therefore between 300 and 1.000 euros, assuming an average hourly rate of 100 euros. The total expenses are estimated at 350 to 1.200 euros. As already mentioned, replacing the clutch kit also makes sense if the transmission is removed to repair the release bearing. The additional material costs are estimated at around 80 to 500 euros. Depending on the mileage, you might even have to do that Dual Mass Flywheel be replaced. The material costs for this are between 300 and 900 euros.

Defective release bearing and the main inspection!

If the clutch still works perfectly, a defect in the release bearing should not prevent you from passing the main inspection. However, if no more gear can be engaged, then there is no new badge, since the vehicle is not ready to drive.

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