Return Idler Guards

15 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Conveyor Return Rollers Manufacturer industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

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Return Idler Guards

Belt Conveyor Guarding manufactures return idler guards and return roller guards for conveyors to eliminate access to the pinch points. Inquire now.

Return Idler Guards are designed to protect workers from being drawn into Return Idlers and eliminate access to the pinch-points. Furthermore, they easily mount onto existing return idler bracket. Side panels hinge open for guard maintenance. Tapered side slots reduce material built-up.

Main benefits of our Return Idler Guards:

  • Mounts around existing return idler bracket
  • Simply drill 4 holes and bolt to a conveyor frame
  • No need to loosen idler bracket, eliminating belt tracking issues
  • No welding or cutting required
  • Side panels hinge open for guard maintenance
  • There is less material build-up due to tapered side slots
  • Smart Wedge Clamps: Eliminate the repetitive motion of tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Hinged Side Panels: Eliminate the need to remove the entire guard while clearing buildup
  • Laser Cut Identification: Easily reference equipment when performing maintenance tasks

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