Chain Link Fence Fits Into Every Neighborhood

29 Oct.,2022


chain link fence mesh

This report proposes specific options for regulating the use of chain link fence in residential communities. The first proposed regulation requires color-coated fence using the highest quality residential chain link materials to ensure a long life for the fence. The second introduces composite fence strategies that restrict the use of chain link fence in the parts of the yard exposed to public streets, while encouraging its use around larger back yards where pets and children are generally at play.

The composite fence strategy allows homeowners to reduce the cost of fencing and choose a fully warranted, long lasting, low maintenance fence. Both proposed regulations include recommended quality standards for materials and warranty information.

In addition, this report addresses the aesthetic enhancements available in today’s chain link fence – more colors, more styles, more variety – and analyzes cost comparisons and design options for consumers, homeowner associations and regulatory authorities.

Due to a lack of information about today’s chain link fence, neighborhood associations, developers, and in some cases, government regulators are restricting the use of chain link fence in residential areas without considering its benefits. chain link fence has improved both its aesthetic appeal and product quality in recent years through innovation and standardization of manufacturing processes.

Today’s chain link fence offers consumers and neighborhoods more colors, better quality and attractive styles that fit into any neighborhood while giving consumers dependable, long-lasting protection. The world’s most widely used fence, chain link remains the most economical means to protect children, control pets and safeguard property in both suburban and urban areas. From the traditional chain link fence most of us grew up with to today’s designer colors, chain link remains a high quality, long lasting, dependable fence system.

The homeowners’ needs to enclose and protect their property and discourage trespassers in a neighborhood must be balanced with the aesthetic standards set by an association or regulatory authority. chain link fence is the most effective, economical, permanent fencing barrier on the market today and is the number one selling fence system in the world. Research conducted by the American Fence Association concluded that approximately 61 percent of all fences installed in the United States are chain link.

The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) recommends future homeowner association regulations consider the recent improvements in style, design and quality standards of today’s chain link fence when regulating the use of fence.